Friday, December 16, 2011

Guest Blogger - We Like to Learn as We Go

*Hey everyone! I hope you have fun meeting Alexis from We Like to Learn as We Go today. She has some really fun ideas and a super cute daughter to try them on! Be sure to scroll down for the latest EBTKS Link party! Have a great weekend!

I'm so excited to be here on A Little Knick Knack!  I have a fun and easy craft that I want to share with you that will look great in your home for the holidays! A few things about me - my name is Alexis.  My husband and I have been married for 2 years and we have a beautiful 9 month old girl.  

We've learned a lot in the short time we've been married and thought it would be a good idea to write a book about all the things newlyweds need to know.  But I decided to start with my blog We Like to Learn as We Go to share the things I learn every day as a wife, mom, crafter, and cook.  It's a very fun journey! 

 I went to Home Depot the other day to get some wood and cut some blocks for other projects I'm working on.  The last block was a little smaller which I thought would be perfect for my Snowflake Block! 

Here's what you need: 
 - Wood Block (mine was 6.5 x 9 x 1.2) 
- Sandpaper
 - Ribbon 
- Scrapbook Paper 
- Mod Podge 
- White Paint
 - Paintbrush or Sponge
 - Letter Stickers
 - Snowflake Ornament

Start with your block of wood.  Use sandpaper to smooth out the edges and corners.

Cut the scrapbook paper so that it covers the front, left, and right sides of the block.

Mod Podge the paper on the block.  Make sure to Mod Podge under the paper and then again on top to make sure it sticks well and gives it that mod podge look.

I already had this sparkly snowflake ornament, but you can use any type of snowflake you have!  Outline the snowflake with a pencil so you know where to paint.

Use a paintbrush or sponge to dab on white paint where the snowflake will go.  I didn't think the snowflake stood out enough on it's own so the white paint gives it a good background color.

Use a glue gun to glue the snowflake on the white background.

Then use sticker letters or vinyl letters to make the words Let it SNOW and tie a lovely ribbon on the side and you're done!  A super cute decoration for the winter holidays!

Thanks again for letting me guest blog here on A Little Knick Knack!  I hope to see you over at We Like to Learn as We Go!
- Alexis


  1. Beautifully done and so clever. Simple to do yet looks unique. Smart lady!

  2. Lovely way to make a gift, with a little scrap of wood and some imagination! You've inspired me, to make some last minute things to give this year! have a blessed Christmas!

  3. What a fantastic gift / decor idea! Thanks for sharing it at this week's BFF Open House!

  4. Lovely gift--a pretty idea! Who wouldn't be wow-ed getting this present. Merry Christmas!


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