Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guest Post with Lighting Deluxe

10 Tips For Creating Mood Lighting

Lighting is not just about illuminating your room brightly, it is also about creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Decorating and remodeling your home, mood lighting might enhance the look and add more style to your your rooms. Therefore, it is important to know about the different functions of lighting. In addition to a bright illumination of a room (general lighting), the targeted illumination of areas (task lighting) and several lighting effects (mood lighting) are the key to create a perfect ambiance. The illumination of rooms is an important part of home decor. Just think of living and dining rooms where most homeowners welcome guests and spend their time with family and friends. While ceiling lights in the center of the room provide sufficient brightness, it is always a pleasure to sit down in a lounge area surrounded by elegant wall sconce, table or floor lamps.

The use of recessed lighting fixtures illustrates another way to put emphasis on objects or areas. In addition to lights with warm white light, the use of colored LED lights may reinforce the cozy atmosphere inside the room. The website LightingDeluxe.com offers a wide range of lighting fixtures for mood lighting.

Choose from elegant pendant lights such as the Penta design light Vertigo 32.

With this contemporary chandelier the manufacturer provides mood lighting of outstanding beauty. The light will enter the room sensitively and is perfect for romantic dinners.

Furthermore, colored lights are in vogue. Prominent examples include the PostKrisi lighting series designed by Catellani & Smith.

Can you imagine to immerse your sofa into a warm and luscious red?

Last but not least there is some outstanding design lights from the German lighting manufacturer Anthologie Quartett. Having a look at the wine-light wall sconce, modern lighting design can really convert a living room into a stylish restaurant or bar.

The following 10 tips will give you a brief overview on creating mood lighting at your home: 

 (1) Use more than just one lighting source. Different layers will provide light where it is needed.
 (2) Illuminate walls and ceilings to avoid menacing shadows.
 (3) Take advantage of lighting effects by illuminating colored walls.
 (4) Add versatility to your home lighting by installing dimmers.
 (5) Accent lighting in terms of illuminating interesting objects will set your room into the right mood.
 (6) Use mirrors to reflect light and visually amplify your room at the same time.
 (7) Illuminate lounge and working areas by positioning floor and table lamps.
 (8) Lighting fixtures offering opaque shades will channel the light, whereas lamps with translucent shades diffuse the light in a softer way.
 (9) Always let your creativity and personal likes lead the way.
 (10) Review your wishes on modern lighting design and find out more about manufacturers and products on the internet.

Thanks for the great tips! I so enjoyed reading them and now know how to beautify my home through lighting. I hope you guys enjoyed the post as well and be sure to head over to Room Styling for my post on creating monogram wood blocks. 

Have a wonderful day!

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