Friday, November 11, 2011

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What To Do (and Not To Do) When Decorating Your Fall Front Porch

Fall is the perfect time to decorate porches. How would you like to welcome the season – and visitors! – with vibrant autumn colors and tasteful touch of artistry? Our Balsam Hill design experts are just excited to share these well-thought must-know tips when decorating your fall front porch.

The Ten Commandments on Front Porch Decorating:

    Make a Porch Decorating Calendar
    . Setting a date and time exclusively for decorating your front porch relieves you of stress, which could make decorating more fun and much easier. Depending on your preferences and needs, proper scheduling – from conceptualization, researching designs, purchasing materials, and cleaning up -- will take half of your time and most of your worries, especially if you have a demanding schedule.
    Do not dwell in the past. Explore. Halloween is over, and it's time to perk up your porch design! Since autumn is all about abundance of harvest, joy, and thanksgiving, there are several decorating options. As much as possible, avoid using the same decorations and design from last year. Spruce up that pumpkin and explore some innovative alternatives!
    Define your style. Ensure success in your front-porch decorating by clearly executing your concept. Take into consideration the style of your home and do a little online research to find something that grabs your attention. Figure out what connects the images you like – is it bright colors, strong shapes, lots of natural elements? – and go from there.
    Avoid clutter. A busy, undefined area hurts rather than entertains the eye, so placement of your decor is a key to success. Symmetry is an easy way to avoid clutter and create an aesthetically pleasing display: Flanking the front door and/or the porch posts with an object, such as cornstalks, immediately creates symmetry. When you're done decorating, step back and examine your masterpiece. Is it easy for you to see all the objects in one glance? If not, then you've got too much going on. Keep removing objects and adjusting for symmetry until it's easy for you to see the decorations in one glance.
    Add extra dimension to your setting. There are endless possibilities to highlight an area. Attaching cornstalks to the columns of your porch and accenting them with a bright bow and a scarecrow adds instant appeal. Hay bales are all-around performers on the front porch: they are thematic additions as well as showcases for colorful pumpkins, gourds, and potted flowers.
    Take inspiration from, but do not plagiarize, anyone's creativity. Just like any other forms of art, in porch decorating, it is anticipated and acceptable to be inspired by other porch artisans. Nonetheless, it is a feel-good practice to carry out your personal ideas and incorporate your own touches on your porch design. It feels great to look at your porch and think, "this is very me!"
    Involve the whole family in decorating your porch. Convert your porch decorating task into a fun-filled bonding activity with your family. This is sure to make work more exciting and adds meaning and emotional value to your work.
    Thou shall not covet what thou can't afford. As you look around at incredible porch decorating ideas, you will come across expensive pieces that could lead to porch envy. You might feel that you must have that 5-foot pumpkin or antique wagon. Here's a reminder from your helpful designers: Your porch decor is seasonal by nature, is not permanent, and so it's unnecessary to make a large financial investment. Instead, be practical. Learn how to present your own version with striking and versatile ideas that are reasonably priced. Once you know what you like, have fun being imaginative.
    Install proper lighting. Illuminate your front porch with appropriate lighting fixtures and let the beauty of your creation be seen day and night.
    Enjoy your masterpiece. This is the best part! Sit back. Relax. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of fresh juice in your gorgeous front porch. It's time to appreciate your work of art. Finally, take keepsake pictures for future inspirational reference!
Jessica Phan is a designer for a purveyor of high-end artificial Christmas Trees. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area is perfect because she has a wide range of interests, including art and design, fashion, photography, painting and thrift store shopping.


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