Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Designing on a Budget

Hey everyone! I'm excited for this week's guest post....it's all about design on a dime....and who doesn't love that? Enjoy the tips and have a wonderful week!

Your child’s room is a place of magic for them. Not only is it their personal sanctuary from the rest of the world, it is also a place where their imagination runs wild. This means for them your child's room might double as a tree house, or their floor a vast ocean. With this such a special place in their lives there is no wonder why parents want to decorate or remodel the room to inspire even more, but often financial restraints get in the way.

However there are some ways that you can remodel your child’s room on a budget. Here are some simple ways to brighten, enhance, or change the look and feel of your child’s room with relatively limited cost.

First, consider changing the color of the room.
One of the simplest ways to completely change a room is by changing the color of the walls, and there are some relatively cheap ways to do this. Although paint can sometimes consume a smaller budget, there are many hardware stores that offer “mistakes” at a discount. These are paints that either ended up being the wrong color for someone, or they did not return to pick it up after requesting it being mixed. These are often inexpensive and stores want to move them out quickly.

Another simple way to change a room is with carpeting.
This can add a new and special look to a room with out doing much, and at a lower cost. Depending upon your child’s age, if they are fantasizing about race cars, purchase a rug that can help make this fun such as one that depicts roads or other interactive carpets. Carpet stores often have remnants at a discount, or you can substitute bath mats for area rugs, bringing in different textures and bright colors to add to a child's room decor.

A fun way to bring joy to your adventurous child is to make some additions to their twin over twin bunk bed. If your child is imagining that their bed is a play house, or somewhere in the exotic jungle, then you can add some basic things to make this a fun reality. Fake floral pieces and some cardboard can add a lot to your child’s bed making it a fun and inviting place to sleep and play.
Furniture is also a great way to add a lot to your child’s room.

Remarkably this too can be done on a small budget. Second hand furniture can be very inexpensive and the addition of paint can not only be a wondrous adventure in its own right, it can also be a fun experience that you can share with your child.
So, adding paint, changing the floor with a simple rug, decorating in new and different ways, such as revamping a bunk bed, and having fun with inexpensive furniture are all simple yet dramatic ways to change a room on a budget. Good luck with your decorating challenges!

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