Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blog Swap - Kristina Grapes

So excited to have a fellow Texan here today. You'll love this gal, she's super nice and super creative. Be sure to check out the apple bucket tutorial I shared over at her blog as well. Have fun getting to know Tina from Kristina Grapes!

Howdy everyone! I’m Tina, aka Kristina Grapes, and I am a college student deep in the heart of Texas! In case you are wondering about the title of my blog, well that’s top secret!

I am a full time student, and work a few part time jobs. Most of the time I forgo studying and working for crafting. I love doing all kinds of things, like painting, wood crafting, and sewing. I really like decorating for holidays and baking too!

Here are some of my most popular posts:

Scripture Blocks I made as gifts for people when I went on mission to England. You can read more about that trip here.

Canvas Kitchen Art which was by far the easiest, but silliest art I ever made.

DIY sofa table for $35! Super fun to make, and I still have all 10 fingers.

In time for Christmas, a 2X4 pumpkin. I like 2X4 crafts. They are so cheap, but versatile and fun.

Please come by and visit! If you love A Little Knick Knack, I think you’ll like my blog. Thanks for having me today. Merry Christmas!:)


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