Sunday, October 23, 2011

White After Labor Day

They say don't wear white after Labor Day. But, I just couldn't help it! My bed was screaming for white! "I need white!" it said. "White would make me very happy!" How can I deny my bed anything? It's wish is my command.

That and the face that Target was having an amazing clearance sale in the bedding department. I've always loved the tufted bedding out there and once upon a time I thought I could just do it myself. Ah, who am I kidding? I would never in a million years attempt a project like that! C'mon! But, this bedding was on sale for $30! I know! So, home with me it came.

And I just love it. The old sweater pillows come out for a new life and my bed was re-born.

I love the button detail in the middle of all the tufting.

And the pillow shams were a huge bonus (it also came with a bed skirt). I can't wait to change it up with the accessories for winter, spring and summer!
Did I mention how warm it is? Oh yes. Even hubs commented on the warm comfiness of the comforter. It was a screamin' deal. And I'm a happy shopper.


  1. It looks beautiful! Great job!


  2. I love it!! It looks great!! I've been looking for exactly the same thing! I wonder if it is at the Target near me on sale.... hmmm =)

    I really love the sweater pillow too! Adorable!

  3. I dream of drifting to lullaby land in a sea of fluffy white billowy softness, but a spoiled Siamese and a sneaky monster BLACK lab (who knows he's banned from the bed) makes it a dream far too out of reach...sigh...

    It's GOR-geous!

  4. You know I have been wanting to get a big white fluffy comforter for our bed. Like a hotel. Do you think it would be easy to keep clean though? Maybe just bleach when needed? We are messy people with messy kids so I worry. :)


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