Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Weekend Away

Hello all!

This was such a lovely weekend. Hubs and I went away on a little jaunt while Grandma came and watched the kids. A miracle! It was so relaxing and lovely. We toured the North Shore of Lake Superior...

Can you see the Lake???

...and enjoyed the beautiful fall colors.


We also saw a lot of these signs...

Which I enjoyed immensely.
It was a lovely time and I had such a great weekend with my husband. I missed my children like crazy and am so grateful to a Grandma who traveled thousands of miles to give us this special weekend. Now, back to  daily life. Enjoy your week everyone!


  1. How much fun! I would LOVE to see those sled dogs in action, something I have never witnessed. (yet. LOL!)

    Looks like a beautiful place, fall is just about my favorite time of year. I love winter just as much, I think. :)

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  2. What beautiful photos! That is great that you two were given some getaway time. Looks like you really enjoyed yourselves.

  3. Meg, I lost your ETBKS party...can't get it on my I Pad. There was a knitted baby hat with ears. I really want the pattern. Would you please just email your fav aunt the email address. She actually got it from an ETSY shop. But I could email her and ask which one. Thanks J2

  4. that looks gorgeous! i am jonesing for a fall leaf peeping getaway before it's too late.


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