Friday, November 11, 2011

Candy Corn Wreath

So, the candy corn filled vase was fun, but I wanted to use them in a way that my kids couldn't eat them all. I decided a wreath was in order.

I grabbed my glue gun, a styrafoam wreath form and 2 bags of candy corns and got to work. I realized you could do a lot of fun patterns with the candy corns, but I opted to large end to small end, to make them all fit nicely together.

Then, I hung it up outside and enjoyed my lovely candy corn wreath. The next day I went to take some pictures and noticed a nice orange streak running down my front door.

That's wreath was melting. Meee-eeelting!

This is what happens when you have a few hot days out of a usually freezing fall. Candy corns were popping off all over the place. Sheesh.

But, I persisted...and after it dried and the weather got a tad cooler, I took it outside once more....missing candy corns and all.

Even with all of its flaws, I still love the bright candy colors.

But, there's other fun things to enjoy about fall....we love window clings in this house and they are so cheap and a fun way for the kids to help decorate. This year, the kids decided to make their own....can you tell?

Tie colorful ribbons around your usually bare candlesticks for some more festive and cheap decor.

My lovely wreath garland cost only $1 at Michaels and adds a fun touch to the mantel.

And this really isn't decoration, but who can resist a nice, crisp, Honeycrisp apple during the fall season?!? I love these suckers.


  1. LOL! that would be my luck too if I did up a candy corn wreath! Either that or Mr. B would be caught eatin' 'em right off LOL!

  2. I used an acrylic glaze on mine and it has done fine outside for about a month now. I've only lost three candy corn too.

  3. That is so funny! But, the wreath is beautiful. Here, the lizards or something else would gnaw on mine!

  4. Meg, you are so funny, sounds like something that would happen to me--I just wouldn't tell everyone.
    I love your blog.

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  6. hmmm, I'm not sure what went wrong with my comment above so I will try again...LOL

    haha!!! Awww! Sorry it melted all over your door, but it still looks great!! I love it!!

    I love the leaf garland too! So cute!

  7. HI Meg!

    I did a candy corn wreath, as well! It was so hard not eating the material! ;) Great job on the decor.

    Visiting from:

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    XoXo Nicole Mariana

  9. just found your lovely blog :) The wreath is so beautiful!


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