Sunday, September 25, 2011

Random Tidbits and Tips

Just a bunch of randomness for you today.

Has everyone seen The Help? I'm assuming so, since it's been #1 forever now. If not, I'm not giving away any spoilers here, so no worries.

Remember that little bit of advice for cutting an onion? To reduce the tears? Remember? Well, I did. The advice was: stick a match in between your lips.

I know...what the? Well, since I start literally sobbing when I look at an onion, I decided to try it out today. And can I just didn't work. I thought everything in the movies was true, so I was really disappointed to learn that this isn't the case.
And yes, I did feel a little weird cutting up an onion with a match in my mouth. Did I hear this wrong? Should I be doing something different? Is this just MOVIE LORE???

Also, I have a little, tiny, tip for you. It's tiny. Don't get too excited. We love to eat rice in this family. It's yummy. Well, here's our trick for instant yummy rice. While the water comes to a boil (did I mention this was instant rice? Oh yes, we are chefs in this house), we add a chicken bullion cube.

Also, when it says to add 2 cups water, I always add 1/4 cup LESS than what it calls for. Somehow I would always get that extra bit of watery yuckiness if I added the whole amount. This is a perfect reduction for less-watery-yuckiness.

Also, why do bad things always happen to mommies? Am I the only one that seems to get knocked around? I was trying to water my flowers for pete's sake, and I ended up tripping, spilling the water all over ME and....

....oh yes....breaking my little toe. Sigh. It's a lovely shade of green and purple right now. I hope no one fainted out there in blogland. I have to say, though, it actually looks much better than it did a couple of days ago. It was HUGE. Like I had attached a little sausage to the end of my foot. I've been limping around for days now.

But, on a bright note, I'm glad my purple pedicure is still going strong!


  1. Make sure your knife is really sharp (use a chef's steel or other sharpener just prior to cutting) and chill the onion for just a few minutes before you start. Those tips won't eliminate the tears, but they should make for fewer of 'em.

  2. an attached little sausage, lol! Your toe looks pretty good really, but I bet it hurt! Your pedi looks fantastic though, so bonus points for you!

  3. It's the oils in the onion that cause the tears, so sticking in the freezer for 10 minutes will help, but an open flame nearby will help, too. It burns up the oils before they get to your eyes. So the real advice could have been for a cigarette(I'd never advise it, ick,) but maybe it was switched to a match in editing. A lit candle right buy your cutting board works, too.

    Ouch! Hope your toe heals up quickly.

  4. I just started reading the help! I am loving it. Hope your toe heals fast!

    I have a rosette necklace in a great giveaway right now, would love for you to enter and win!

  5. Meg, Thank you for your kind comments over at my site. This is my first time to visit "A Little Knick Knack"! You have a great site!! I will be a follower, ASAP! I love the comment on one your posts, how your little guy thinks your decor accessory is a "Baseball". I raised two sons...I understand totally! Hope your little toe heals soon! Sending Wandaful Wishes your Way!

  6. lol! I put the onion in the freezer and cut near the stove, but I did try the match thing, that was a big FAIL!

    I am constantly jamming my toes, I'm surprised that I haven't broken any! Hoping for a quick healing!

    your newest follower, looking forward to more of your posts.


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