Thursday, September 8, 2011

My New Front Door

Well, it's not a BRAND new front door, but it's pretty new to me! The house came with a lovely forest green door (ew) and it was kind of yucky. It had all this goop around the windows and coming out of the cracks. I assumed it was window glue or something because it was not coming off with a regular cleaning. I saw this lovely black door at a Jen's site and quickly asked her how she did that? And she told me! She bought this paint.... recommended by those awesome Home Depot guys...left her door on the hinges and started painting! Heck ya! I can totally do that! So I did.

Here's my door before...

(Can you tell it's green? You can kind of see it behind the screen door...)

And here is my lovely, glossy, black door now!

Ah, I love it, love it, love it! I still need to clean some paint off the window, but this was so easy! I used Sand Deglosser to clean off the goop and sand my door. Then, I used a small foam roller and a paint brush for the inside of the windows and the boxes on the bottom. I had painters tape around the handles and when I went to pull it off, some of the paint came off. I put some painters tape back on and quickly dabbed the spots with a paintbrush and then immediately took the tape off...perfect!

Aren't my flowers purty? I still don't know the name of these beauties...but I like 'em!

It took my hubs 2 days to notice our new black door! He goes in through the garage, so I can understand why it might have taken him a little longer to notice, but still! TWO days!

And, after he noticed it, he asked me when we're changing out the gold hardware for some silver. Sheesh. A job is never done!

But don't worry honey, we'll change it soon. Very, very soon. 


  1. Looks great! Tell him you did the door; the handle is his responsibility!

  2. Ooh... I love a black door! Yours came out great!! I actually think the hardware pops really nicely against the black :)

  3. It looks awesome! So much better than the green. I was thinking silver hardware would look good to. :) Ah, yes, a home is never done, is it?

  4. Door looks fab! My hubby never notices ANYTHING! I could have my boyfriend on the couch when he comes home and he would say, " whats for dinner?". 8^0

  5. been putting that off have inspired me!

  6. Your door looks great, Meg! Kinda nice to know other husbands are slow to noticing things as well! I think your flowers are Wave Petunias. They're gorgeous!

  7. Paint the hardware! Go see my post. I oil rubbed bronze spray painted mine. Lori (free) I had the paint.

  8. It's beautiful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. What a huge impact that color made, Meg! Luv it! I was impressed that your hubs wanted silver to go with the black! Verrry impressed! lol!

    xoxo laurie

    oh, and I think your pretty flowers are called "Million Bells". I have pots of them in white. :)

  10. It turned out beautiful! Sometimes paint can make the biggest difference! It changed the whole feel of your entire front porch! Nicely done! So glad you linked up with us at Show & Share!


  11. Ah the wonder of paint!! Looks fabulous!!

    Thanks again for linking up to Show & Share!!


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