Thursday, September 22, 2011

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Link Party

Hey everyone!

Time to start the party. Can I just say---where did the week go??? It's speeding by, faster than a speeding bullet. Did I just use speeding twice in the same sentence? Yes, that's how far gone I am today. Nothing is sticking in this brain of mine. NOTHING. So, no features today. I'll do the features this weekend. Stay tuned!

This week's question....

What's your favorite ice cream?

Mine is chocolate but for some reason, I'm totally digging orange sherbet! Strange times. Strange times.

Let the party begin!


  1. Hi Meg! I'm Gwen, and I found you via {nifty thrifty things}. Thanks so much for hosting this party! I look forward to getting to know you and your blog!

  2. I was going to say choc chip cookie dough but when you mentioned orange sherbert I have to agree with you right now. We have this great dessert made with orange sherbert that tastes just like dreamsicles. DELISH!!!

  3. Chocolate for me, too! Preferably in a malt ;-)

  4. My favorite ice cream is Mint chocolate chip only by Breyers.

  5. I do like orange sherbert, you know you can take any sherbert flavor. dump it in a big bowl and add a 2 liter of sprite==instant punch. :)

    Thanks for hosting the linky party! I linked about my car accident this week. Off to go check out some of the other links!

  6. My husband is loving orange sherbet right now too. I'm dairy free. But way back...I used to like pistachio :-D Hugs and wishes for a joy filled weekend.

  7. Thank you for hosting! :)
    Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}

  8. I found a bottle of Orange Creme Ice Cream Shell Syrup at Target on CLEARANCE for a dollar something! That on top of some Vanilla is just OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS!!! Thanks for hosting, Meg! :)


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