Thursday, September 29, 2011

EBTKS Link Part and Question

Hey all! Still dealing with the blue screen of death, so no features this week. I'm sorry! I promise there will be a grand finale of features. A mega-bash of features. A cornucopia of features. It will be a feature-iffic week. Just you wait. It will be awesome.

Now, on to this weeks question. I've been stumbling on a lot of link parties lately with this little warning: "because people are not following the rules of the link party I will be deleting posts this week." I've been giving some thought to this and have come up with some comments. Now, the first thing I will tell you in following blog etiquette is to always follow link party rules. I don't have any, but when others do, I try my best to follow those link party rules. Now, that doesn't always happen sometimes (like when I don't link back to a link party on my post. I list all my link parties on my homepage and feel that is ok....but, I'm sure I have been deleted for not following rules!). But, on the flip side I don't think it's necessary to go deleting because it's a LINK party. In the grand scheme of things is it that big of a deal? It's cyber space. It's not real life. So, my question is....

How do you feel about link party rules? And what are your thoughts on link parties in general? Should we hold to the strict structure some parties institute? Or should we all ease up a little and just go with the flow? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

Ok on to the party! Have fun everyone!!


  1. I try to follow the rules - I'm sure I've messed up somewhere. I don't mind rules - whatever works for the host! And thank you for hosting!

  2. Truth-be-told, I find those kinds of "warnings" a little annoying. I play by the linky party rules and etiquette and have everyone's buttons on my sidebar, so I find it frustrating when some get really specific like "put my link directly in your post, turn around 5 times, stand on your left foot, and swear your 2nd born child to me, and you can play in my linky party." ;)

    I truly don't mind gentle guidelines and suggestions, reminding newcomers of blog party etiquette. I was once a newbie, too, and it's helpful to know what's expected...but in an "it would be nice of you to" tone, right?


  3. Sometimes I'm not sure whether I'm following the rules or not! As a blog *reader*, it is just plain annoying to have to scroll through a million blog buttons at the bottom of the post before you can get to the next post. So I set up a "links page" with all the buttons of the blogs I regularly participate in. Apparently, though, that may not be following the rules for all blogs...I have to have a link-back on the same page. I don't really see the purpose in being that strict.

  4. I am not a fan of rules but I assume those who make them do so to build their fan base. It does get annoying 1.) You must follow me on my blog, google and twitter 2.) You must comment on my blog, google and twitter 3.) You must do this and you must do that lol. It is quite humorous. I participate mainly in the ones that simply say that the post must be related to the blog. All of the other "rules" just feel like homework to me so I avoid those parties. When you think about it, too many rules make a party no fun...well, for me at least ;-)

    Thanks a bunch for hosting :-)

  5. I do believe that some of the rules can get pretty ridiculous. Especially now, that you can force a link back from the page added. I have a organized list of parties on a separate page and link to it from every post I make. If that still is not enough for some hosts, then I don't really want to participate in the party..
    I host a weekly link party myself and do have some guidelines. Except for couple of those (that ask to link back somewhere on the blog, to only link up something you've created and to have fun), they're all optional.
    All that being said, thank you so much for hosting, Meg! :)
    xoxo from Germany,
    Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}

  6. I do think there should be rules. Sometimes the rules are a bit out of hand and I've found that I stop joining those parties. BUT this is YOUR party. You are doing this for US! If it wasn't for the link parties you gracious hosts host of us how else would we get our "stuff" out there. So, essentially it's up to the individual host. I always try to obey the rules. I also try to READ the post too! Your putting your time and energy into do something for US the least we could do is read what you have to say. SO MANY TIMES I see those "thanks for hosting" comments, I do the same but ONLY on a party that is just a party. But sometimes, actually recently some one commented on still getting over the loss of a family member and hoping she could get back into the blogging game. She stated she missed her blogging friends and wanted to host the party because she thought it might inspire her to start to create again and that that may help her thru the grieving process. NOW there were a lot of heart felt replies but also a lot of "thanks for hosting have a great day" and if it were me those replies would hurt. It would seem as if they are JUST there to promote themselves. SO, I like to be a friend, try to always obey the rules and genuinely CARE for the bloggers and blogs I read and participate in. SIDE NOTE: I used your tute you did for my blog that time and made a Family key holder sign! CANT WAIT TO SHOW Y'all!!!! :)

  7. You said it. Back when there weren't 100 linky parties per day, it made sense to expect to see a blog button below each post. Now, that's just nonsensical. While I do understand the rules and how the whole linky party works for everyone, I think it's time to adjust our expectations because of how much it's evolved. So thank you for hosting and be such a gracious host!

  8. I think simple rules are important I have them on my Thursday Favorites linky.Sending big hugs and sincere wishes for a weekend filled with joy, Katherine

  9. I try to follow the basic rules but I'm sure I've messed up along the way. I host a party and have a few rules but I don't have the time to make sure each guest is following the rules. My party is about sharing creativity and having fun. If I gain a few followers I'm happy.
    I skip the link parties that force you to link back before you can link up. It's like not letting someone into your house before they do what you want. I think both hostesses and guests need to be gracious.

  10. Total bummer, Meg...not that you don't have features, but that your computer is sick. I went through something similar a few months ago and was without my PC for almost two weeks. ARGHHH!!!

    Thanks for hosting...even during your "blue screen" dilemma. ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  11. Hi Meg....

    To answer your question, I have a page dedicated to the blogs I link to because I think it is the right thing to do. That being said, I do not link the blogs to every post because for one it totally slows your computer and blog down. And for two, who has the time these days to go back and fourth linking every blog to every post. I mean seriously, lets help each other out and not have each other going crazy adding 30 minutes to each others already busy schedules. Although I do have a dedicated page I have had hosts come to me and complain that I have not linked their blog directly to my post. I apologize if they don't like that, but I kind of feel the page I have should be plenty.

    ..I love your rules! LOL!

    Have a great weekend...

  12. Late to the party...I totally agree with you Lisa (Serendipity Chic Design). I have a page that I keep updated with parties I link too. I am getting tired of seeing more of them forcing you to link back before you can link up. I am so new to blogging and I didn't realize the work involved (don't get me wrong, I am loving every minute of it!) and the rules just make it that much harder. I have found the ones that force you to link back are bigger bloggers with thousands of followers....that confuses me. I guess they need to keep their numbers up for ad revenue? Where's the fun in that?
    Anywhoo...thank YOU so much for hosting! I love coming by to visit your blog and see what's going on! Hoping for no more 'puter problems for you :)

  13. I'm hosting my #3 Link Party. I do have rules (like everyone else) except I don't click the box that forces people to put a link back on their post. I figure we are all adults, we are women, we forget, we have enough stress in our lives! I just enjoy seeing all of the link ups and getting to know the bloggers that come to my party :-).

    I will admit that I did click on one blog and I didn't see my button (so I gently said, "I'd love it if you add my button") and she said, "look on this page and you will see it", so I did and then I felt very foolish and promised myself to lighten up and ENJOY the link party instead of making sure everyone follows the rules!

    Now here is what bothers me and I'm making a promise to not do this and someone call me on it if I do!!!! If my blog ( gets super famous (not my intention, trust me..I don't spend enough time blogging)and you link to my link party (yes, you will be #678) and then you tell me you linked up and will I please link to yours...if I don't, will you PLEASE send me a comment (yes, you will be my 150th comment just on one post) and say something????? I mean seriously, without us part-time bloggers following them...they wouldn't have a famous blog. Right?

    And last but not least, I too have been trying to figure out a way to make linking up all my blogs I link to more "stream-lined". I have a separate page in word and I just cut and paste.


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