Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blue Screen of Death

So, my main computer gave me this screen the other day....

So, I'm trying to do all my blogging from this tiny iPad. Frustrating. It's hard to join parties, leave comments and generally do anything. Grrrrr. I'll be glad when hubs can apply his technical prowess. So be patient with me, peeps! I'll be back in full force soon!


  1. The really frustrating thing is how the media feverishly hype the iPad as being a no-brainer notebook replacement. But while the iPad is a truly amazing device for media consumption, it's not nearly so ideally-suited for getting real, actual work done.

  2. I got this on my laptop too! Thank goodness my hubby's uncle fixed it for me. I was devastated thinking I would have to get a new laptop. :( It took him a whole day and I had to buy an external hard drive. It's sure nice to have people who know what they are doing huh? Saved me big bucks. Hope yours is up and running soon. ;)

  3. Did you add any new hardware prior to this BSOD? Sometimes this can be fixed with configuration or driver updates. I kept getting BSOD because my graphics card drivers were not so good, despite it being a new graphics card. When I installed the new driver it resolved the BSOD problem.


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