Monday, August 1, 2011

Yellow Chair

I found a cute little chair at GW the other day. Well, ok, last fall. I had to wait for warm weather and then I had to actually get the time and inclination to re-do it. Anyway, it was only $2.62! I know! And, I loved the lines and shape of it. I've been wanting to try large furniture re-do's, and this would actually fit in my house!

Like my fuzzy phone pic? Hee....

So today, in between potty training my little mister and some cool thunderstorms, I finished it.

I gave it a good sanding and even used my wood putty to fix up some bite marks around the legs.

Then, I sprayed it with some white primer. And then some yellow, in high gloss. After a couple coats of that, I distressed the edges.

But, it was really, really bright! So, I used my walnut stain to darken it up a bit.

 The fabric I got at Ikea on clearance. I LOVE this stuff.'s lovely....and, if it wasn't raining buckets outside, I would have a much better photo shoot with this little lady. But, in my excitement, I took my cloudy-rainy-day-photos anyway. 

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  1. This is awesome! {I actually said that out loud to myself when I saw it} Seriously such a great find and such a great color choice. You did a great job. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. Love the fabric...and the chair! :)

  3. Love the chair and your color choices! What a great find!!!

  4. Ooooo! It looks fantastic! I wish it were mine :) hehehe

  5. very dramatic - love the new look! Great lines in the chair - terrific find,

  6. What a great project!

    Psst! This would make a great addition to Tutorial Tuesday!

  7. How pretty! I really like the yellow, black combo.

  8. I'm loving this yellow. Looks so great! I can't believe the chair cost $2.62.

    Warmly, Michelle

  9. So cute! Thanks for the inspiration to get me going on my project! :) I love the yellow.

  10. I really like the yellow! I love to add color to chairs, they can be such a great accent piece in a room! I just recently re-beautified two chairs, check out my blog for the before and afters! Ang

  11. Gorgeous! I love the yellow and the fabric is just spectacular. Thanks so much for sharing at this week's BFF!

  12. Love it! I started incorporation yellow into my home this spring when I felt like everything in my home was a little too dark. Now I am obsessed and love your chair! I would love for you to link it up at my Savvy HomeMade blog party at on Monday! I am a new follower!

  13. Wow! I love it, Meg! You really revived that tired-looking old chair. The Ikea fabrics you're chosing for your projects are terrific, too.

    Thanks for linking to the party. Hope to see you again this week.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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