Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shopping in Texas

We're having a great time in Texas! I especially love the shopping and all that it inspires. Check out some of this great stuff!

I love the curve of this mirror...and the color is pretty much my style as well! (These pics are from my phone...sorry for the poor quality!)

Aren't these chunky candlesticks awesome?? I love the birdhouse as well, the doorknob in the middle is my favorite and I love the tin roof!

Ok, this dresser is awesome! I love the design and how they roughed it up. I loved the 2-tones above the diamond pattern. I just love this dresser, but there's no way I could haul it from Texas to home! Bummer. I'll just have to think of a way to make one....!
Even though these treasures didn't come home with me, several others did! I'm excited to show you what I scored and how I will use them in my own home!

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  1. What store are these pictures from? I live in Houston and was curious if I've been to the same store before and seen the same things :)



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