Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pantry Cover

Well, this happened quite awhile ago...

Too many eager little hands trying to break through the child-proof lock. One of them had to lose.

Too bad it was the pantry door.

We still are too lazy haven't really figured out how to fix this guy. So, our pantry has been looking like this...
And that just makes it too easy for little hands to get fruit snacks and fishies at all hours of the day.

So, a quick fix was in order. I had some left over canvas and sewed a simple panel and used a spring-tension rod to do this...

It works for now!

Until we muster enough energy figure out if glue will work (and how?) or if we need to buy a new door! 

(Just a little update--my husband saw the curtain and asked, "is that a hint?" I said, "no, it's more of a solution." But he took it as a hint and fixed the door that day. No more curtain! Heh.)


  1. LOL! Love how you have the "big" box of fruit snacks....we buy them like that too. I feel sooo much better now. :)

  2. It's a great interim solution! We have had the same thing happen to some of our cupboard doors--the glue has held up for years!

  3. WOW! I am going to use this brilliant idea from you. Our corner cabinet has been door-less for a year and a half now. (Yikes I know!) Maybe I can get the same results from my hubs. Wish me luck!

  4. That is too funny! Who knew that's all the unintended motivation he would need! It was a cute idea while it lasted though. :)

  5. Heheheheeeee Typical men. Allthough I think my hubby could do with so influence from yours. :DD


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