Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cinnamon and Flowers

Hello ladies and gents!

We've been having a slow week...and that's not a bad thing. We just got back from a looooong, wonderful trip to visit family and we dove right back into our lives, no stopping.

So, a little stopping is good! Because of that, I haven't been my usual crafty self. But, just wait. I have lots in store. As soon as we're done winding down and getting back into our lazy summer.

But, I did want to share with you some of the lovely little things in our life.

I love hydrangeas. Luckily, my neighbor has about 17 bushes and we're welcome to pick whenever we like!
So I did.

My daughter helped me with this little bunch.

Isn't the color wonderful?

And, I finally tried the donut muffins someone contributed to a recent EBTKS. And can I just say....yum! My kids agree....they like the cinnamon and sugar best.

It's my favorite part, too.

Here's a little trick for long vases and short stems....Find a plastic cup (hey! I just happen to have one right here...) and cut the top off...

Wedge that thing in the top....

Fill it with water and let your short stems happily drink up!

Hopefully, these cuties will last a little longer now that they are being fed.

So there you have it...2 ingredients for a perfect summer afternoon...

Fresh cut flowers...

....and cinnamon and sugar!


  1. What a brilliant trick for arranging your flowers! Thanks!

  2. Those flowers are lovely looking! :)

  3. That flower tip is very useful. I'll keep it in mind.


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