Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Butterfly Canvas

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My second project to share with you is a canvas project. I bought 2 square canvases for my daughter's room awhile ago. They had little lady bugs on them, etc. Well, we switched out their decor and the canvases had to go.

I painted over the poor ladybugs and decided to add another type of bug....a butterfly.

Can you see it?
Like those unpainted corners on the mirror? Yeah, one of my projects on the 8 mile long to-do list!

I'm not sure if I like it. The yellow is sort of light and the picture gets a little lost.

What do you think? Change color? Paint over it and try again? Suggestions?


  1. I love the idea, but I would change the color - it does get kind of lost.

  2. hmmm it is cute but i always think a yellow gets washed out if it doesn't have a darker background color (even a light blue/green or something might be okay- it doesn't have to be a gross color)

  3. Yes the light color does make it more difficult to tell what it is. I love the effect of using the two canvases for a continuing painting like that, very creative. :-)

  4. Beautiful! I love the yellow.

  5. Love the yellow...maybe a gray background would be nice. Following you from Tip Junkie‘s link party. Would love to have you link this up to my {wow me} wednesday link party going on right now over on my blog. Hope to see you there. :)


  6. pretty pretty!! i love how subtle it is! great job!

  7. i think the background would be better in grey, it would make the yellow stand out :) other than that i think its lovely!

  8. I think it's cute, but I see what you mean about the yellow getting lost. What about a little splash of teal. Maybe a really thin outline around the yellow in lavender. Purple and yellow are compliments and make each other stand out more. Either way it's still really cool and I love it!! Great job! I have a little blog party called Simply Creative over at 365days2simplicity.blogspot.com. I'd love it if you linked this project up!!


  9. Am I the only one that can't see the butterfly?

  10. It's really pretty! I do love the color, but it's hard to see like you said. It could also just be the lighting in the photos so maybe it's brighter in person. What do you think when you look at it in the room?


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