Tuesday, June 14, 2011

White-Washed Adirondack Chair

Have you guys seen that Lowe's commercial? The one that says, "Summer's here...it's GROW time!" Well, that got me up off my lazy arse and outside to spruce up our front porch. Each year I try something a little different. I was excited for this year (thank you, Lowe's commercial...)

I hauled my kids over to our local greenhouse and purchased these lovelies...

And while we were shopping at Home Depot one day, we found this Adirondack chair on sale for $30! That's a steal in my book, so we brought it home. Guess who got to put it all together while hubs was mowing the lawn? That's right....

These cute pots came from Ikea for $3 each. The stand was a Marshall's find for $9.

Now, at first glance, you may think this chair is a simple maple with no color. NOT SO!

Did you know you can tint stain??? I sure didn't! Oh, the things you learn when you browse the HD store and bug all the workers. I found a stain (and it was a sample size! $2.50) and had it tinted an off-white for sort of a white-washed look. It works for me right now.

Cute flowers, eh? The large pot I've had forever. It never leaves the front porch. (It's kinda heavy)

The pitcher was another Ikea purchase, for $10.

Ah, so cute. My other Ikea pot.

I love flowers...oh, they smell so nice.

All together now!

I think I will enjoy relaxing in this lovely chair while the kids ride their bikes up and down the street.

Ah, summer...we're ready for you now!


  1. great deal on the chair. your flowers look lovely grouped together on your porch.

  2. This looks great! What a perfect little spot to relax and enjoy summer! :)

    Your flowers are lovely, too, BTW


  3. it looks so inviting on your porch! yes, ready for summer!

  4. Great tip about tint staining, I'll have to try it out. I'm a new follower at 551eastdesign.blogspot.com

  5. Love your porch and new chair! Very pretty flowers too! (I love Lowe's and Home Depot too)

  6. The chair sure was a deal, lovely flowers too!


  7. OK can I come sit on your porch? It looks so inviting! Thanks so much for linking up!!


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