Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Deck Furniture

So, it's warming up around here (finally!) and I have been yearning (yearning is more than wanting, right?) for deck furniture for YEARS now...EONS it seems like! FOREVER. We never bought any because a) our kids were infants and couldn't enjoy the benefits deck furniture brings and b) deck sets are dang expensive!

Well, it occurred to me one, literally a light bulb went off in my head followed by a huge "duh!" that I could get second hand deck furniture and make it my own! Improve it! Paint, sand, reupholster, whatever! I could totally do this for cheeeeeeeap!

My search began. I went to garage sales, online and searched and searched. One day, while browsing around on Craigslist, I saw an ad for a restaurant selling their patio tables and umbrellas. I only look at ads with pictures (anyone else weird like that?) and saw a huge wood table that looked pretty good. I made an appointment to go check it out.

Yes, I drove about an hour away to just "look" at this table. And yes, I dragged my 3 little kids with me. But I had such a good feeling about this! A hunch! I needed this table...this table was ours. I just knew it. And when I pulled up and saw it....I was right.

The table was huge and extremely heavy. We're not sure what kind of wood it is, only that it is dense, HEAVY wood (teak? oak? mahogany?). We wedged it in the car (the kids had to get reorganized for this table to become part of our little family) and I paid the lady her $60. I know, it seems like sort of a lot, but this was a wood table! And it was huge! Have I mentioned that already?

 It has been painted red and the paint was chipping and worn out in places. Ok, here she is, in all her glory...

A little wear and tear...nothing I can't handle...until I saw the fossilized gum underneath the table. YECH.

he legs were metal and a little dingy, but nothing a little water and spray paint couldn't fix. Here's the purty legs...

And here's the table top after I stripped, sanded, and chemically cleaned the top and then oiled it with Teak oil. Ah, lovely. I'm in love, people! With a table!

Here's a blurry pic of the legs after I used Hammered spray paint in black. Ah, this was perfect for the legs!

And then I hit up Target and scored some lovely umbrella ($70) plus stand ($30) on a huge sale. I was giddy!

My lame attempt at centerpieces...

The chairs are from Ikea. The folding chairs were $15 and matched the color of the table so well, it was meant to be.

The larger chair was $50 and it's a little lighter in color, but will definitely support hub's a bit better than the folding chairs will. I'm on the hunt for some fun chair cushions.

 Close up of the lovely legs...

Love that shine...the oil is a perfect finish for color and water repelling.

 Like those clouds? These are the days we're living with. Where are you sun???

 We've already eaten out on the table and it is a huge hit! We love outdoor dining. The kids think it's the funnest thing in the whole world.

And secretly, so do I.


  1. It looks great! I'm sure you will enjoy lots of great outdoor times around it.

  2. LOVE! So great, love the legs in black, love the shape, love the chairs even without cushions! Congrats on the great find and obvioulsy a lot of hard work!

  3. go you, 20 points for ingenuity and sticking to a modest budget to get what you want :)

  4. What an awesome deal! You did a great job refinishing it! I have been wanting an old door so that I can make my own outdoor table. Our neighbor gave us one. Hubs was going to try and reuse it and give me and even older door. So I said ok. He tried it. Didn't work. Forgot I wanted it for a table and took it to the dump!!! *sigh* Glad you got your table. :o)

  5. This is breathtaking. You did a wonderful job. I'd love for you to come link up at DIY Thrifty Thursday @
    Thrifty 101

  6. What a brilliant idea and what a great result! This looks wonderful. Thank you for linking it up!

  7. Congratulations on a job well done! You'll have so many wonderful memories around your gorgeous new table! Cherry Kay

  8. Gorgeous table--you did a great job on your makeover.

    ~ Sarah


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