Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Late Night Ramblings

Oh ladies....and gents (not sure if there are gents reading my little ole blog, but we'll cover all our bases just to be safe).

I'm sore!

Wanna know why? I've been working out.

So, while this soreness is no fun, I'm kind of proud of it. I'm sore because I exercised.

A lot.

And although I'm walking up and down stairs like a decrepit old 100 year old lady, I'm glad I'm finally doing something to take control of my health.

Don't you love that word, "decrepit?" My Grandma would use it all the time. I'd say, "Grandma, how are you today?" And she'd smile and say, "well, I'm old and decrepit, how are you?" Then, we'd laugh and laugh and go eat some homemade bread with butter and jam. Yum.

I miss my Grandma.

In other fun news, I'm heading out this weekend. Leaving the kids and hubs behind and hitting the open road!

I'm going to Chi-town.

Anyone need help deciphering that? I'll see how many of you are smart enough to figure out my cute/weird nicknames for famous cities.

It's not that hard.

I'm always a little nervous leaving the kids and hubs behind. I'll miss them like crazy....and what if something happens while I'm gone? Or to me? I have to go knock on some wood now, to discourage anything bad from happening.

But seriously, I always worry about that. And then I think of not being around to see my kids grow up.

Hubs would have to remarry. Which I have told him he's not allowed to do.


I'm not that generous and nice.

If I'm dead and have to be alone... does he.


Ok, I'm not that evil. But, for now...

I kinda am.

Goodnight all!

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  1. At first I was thinking China-Town. But I think you really meant Chicago. Am I right? :o) And good for you on the exercising! My hubs and I have been walking or riding our bikes 2-3 times a week. I started doing some set-ups and crunches. Read an artical today on ways to step up the walking to burn more fat. Prob. will add some new exercises to my routine. :o)


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