Sunday, June 19, 2011

The 5K Report

Well, I promised you guys a report on my first 5K experience. Here we go!

It was AWESOME. I had so much fun! We went up with 3 other families so I was not alone for my first race. These women were so great in helping me keep pace and encouraging me not to stop and walk and to finish strong.

Ok, here I am before my race. Happy in my ignorance.
 Yeah, my hubs took some fun pics of the characters at the front of the race line. How did this guy see??
 Just wanted to put this in there...this guy finished third. I think he sprinted the entire time. Ouch.

And, this pic made me laugh. The lady waving was my friend. I'm right behind the lady--texting while she's running. Really? How is that possible??

 There I am! It was so fun to see my little family cheering my one at the end. It gave me a nice little push to finish strong.
Want to know my final time? Ok, don't laugh though! I finished my 5K in 33:39 minutes. Not bad, right? I was pretty stoked. Hubs ran his first half marathon the next morning and totally rocked it. I'm so proud of him!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well!


  1. Nice job! Now to sign up for another!

  2. congrats to you, and the hubby...what is UP with that texter, that is crazy!

  3. Great job! That picture of the texter cracks me up! Some people are way too addicted to their phones!

  4. congratulations, you did it.


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