Thursday, May 5, 2011

Everything but the Kitchen Sink 5/5/11

Hello everyone! I'm writing from our sunny vacation! We are having the best time. I hope you are all having a wonderful week as well!

This week's question.....

Do you like to cook?

I ask because I'm so NOT a cook. Or a baker (or a candlestick maker....heh). I am really, really bad at cooking. Just ask my husband! Oh, I can throw together some kid-friendly meals. Defrost chicken nuggets....whip up a box of mac & cheese. But, ask me to do something more than that and I'm sure to butcher it. I guess I'm just asking because you don't really have to cook on vacations (one of the perks, in my eyes). Oh sure, we whip up some sandwiches or get some cereal going every now and then...but cooking? Nope. Ah, bliss. I totally envy those people out there that can take a few random ingredients laying around and make something spectacular. You guys are amazing! But...I guess I missed out on that when they were dishing out talents up above., for the party! Have fun!


  1. Thanks for hosting!

    I have mixed feelings about cooking. In general I like the idea of cooking. And I like tasting the food while cooking. But, I hate the clean up that comes with cooking. And, I'm always a little dissapointed when I've spent an hour or so cooking only to have all the food devoured in 10 minutes! We're fast easeters :)

    So yeah cheao take-out is usually my first choice, especially during the work week.

  2. Thanks for hosting another fun link party...hope you are having fun in the sun :) I am with you on the cooking at all. In fact my response to my husband's nightly question of: What is for dinner? is always: "We had dinner last night, why do we have to have it again?" Total dud in that area, but I am lucky in that I can whip up pretty much anything from very few and random ingredients. If I didn't have a family I would eat cereal for dinner every.single.night. Enjoy the rest of your Vaykay :)

  3. My hubby is one of those! He can throw together anything and it tastes better than ANYTHING at a fine dining restaurant! BUT I always want to blog about his food and he can not ever remember what he put it in it. He seriously is amazing though! He can make pencil shavings and rubber bands taste amazing!!

    Thanks for hosting! :)

  4. Hey, Meg! I seem to go through seasons of liking to cook. I am much more of a cook than a baker. But all my girls love to bake. So that works out well! But it's a struggle at times because there's usually something else I'd rather be doing than cooking!
    Thanks for the great party!

  5. I missed out on the cooking gene as well! I can bake, but we can't eat cookies all the time, lol! (I wish!). Thankfully my husband does a lot of the cooking here.

  6. PS thanks for hosting this link party!

  7. Thanks for hosting. That hair tutorial, and those "not easter cookies" look awesome.

  8. Have fun on your vacation! I only like to cook sometimes. I'm pretty happy just eating cereal or sandwiches...or letting Hubby cook. I'd be fine to cook once or twice a week, but that's all for me!

  9. Thank you for hosting the party!
    I looove to cook, you are so welcome to come over to my little corner and learn :) or just get some recipes. I do step by step tutorials!

  10. i hope you're having a grand ol' time on your vacation, that's wonderful. cooking? ugh! i do it be b/c i have to, and i really wish i wanted to. this way it wouldn't seem like a chore, but a preferred activity.

  11. Hello lovely,

    I do like to cook...but sometimes it can seem a bit of a chore. I've recently been working through a Nigella recipe book one at a time, which I've been LOVING!!!

    Have a wonderful holiday, Meg



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