Friday, May 13, 2011

Everything but the Kitchen Sink 5/12/11


Can you guess where I am on vacation? (Nope, not this week's question...although, it could be...hmmmm....) It's almost over! So sad. This is definitely the longest vacation we've ever attempted. We're having so much fun. Being with family is so nice, especially when you don't live near any of them.

So, this week's question:

Have you moved away from home? 

And now, the party! Have fun!


  1. This weeks ? is so sad for me! The hubby and I have lived ALL our lives in Texas. Alie was born there. Last year we moved to AZ. Hubby was offered a great job and now I am a SAHM. BUT we left everyone behind and I miss them so much. Even more than that it's so sad not being able to share Alie growing up with them.

  2. Girl, I've moved some many times I don't know where "home" is!! Hope you had fun in Cali. I love looking at all the ideas on your blog. Wish we lived closer so we could make some stuff together. Miss you! xxxx

  3. I grew up in VA and wound up moving to WV where I met my husband. Our first son was born there and we made a lot of great friends. But eventually we made the decision to move to FL which is where we live now. Its definitely not easy. I miss my friends and family back in VA and WV.

  4. I moved away from 'home' (New England) to Charlotte about 3 years ago, and have never felt so 'at home' in a city before. It truly is a great feeling!


  5. I moved from the Netherlands to Yucatan, Mexico about 4.5 years ago. Unfortunatelly I dont see my family very often, maybe once a year ( I haven't seen my brothers in 2 years). Hopefully this year as I truly miss my friends and family.


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