Monday, May 9, 2011

Chalkboard Plant Holders

It's that time again. Time to plant. Time to make things grow and then try to keep them alive. Which I rarely succeed at.  I have a blue thumb. As opposed to a green thumb. My thumbs are pretty much any color but green. And yet, every year I try to plant something and make it grow and flourish. I either over-water or under-water. I forget to put them in the sun or to prune. I usually buy things already blooming because I can't screw something up already bloomed, right? Sure. Just watch me. ;)

Every year I try to plant some herbs and grow them in my kitchen. This year, I picked oregano, basil and lavender. You know, the yummy-smelling herbs.

I bought some small clay pots and painted them with slate gray and bright yellow.

After that dried, I taped off the top and spray painted the base with some chalkboard paint.

And once that dried, I removed the tape and took some fine grit sandpaper to the pots. I wanted a sort of worn look....

I like it.

Yum, oregano. Makes me think Italian for some reason.

What are you planting this year?


  1. They look great, I love how they look worn out!

  2. These turned out really cute! I think the only thing I'm getting planted is dreams. They seem to be the only thing that grows around here. ;)

  3. Such a neat idea! I love the aged look of the pots and the colors you chose!

  4. Hi Meg,
    This is a great great idea. I will do the same
    on my French balconies.

  5. My husband planted strawberries because our almost 18 year old daughter loves her some strawberries. She does not know that he is growing them yet with May being the busiest month of school. He brought her two on Sunday and she thought that he got them from the fridge. Too funny!!
    Love, Love, Love the pots!! Thanks for the idea, I do like the chalk board paint!

  6. I started growing watermelon, passion fruit, beans, unions and garlic. At the end of the month i wanna plant tomatos and beans... would be the first year with our own vegetables and fruits.
    Really like the pots, I love painting plain pots and make them my own. Enjoy your growing plants.

  7. I always cheat and buy plants from the greenhouse. Then I be sure to use them because they grow better if you keep cutting from them. And if they get too big...I just cut sprigs to put in little bottles of H2O. They smell great! J2


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