Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Little Easter for Ya

We don't usually decorate for Easter around here.

We're Easter-Scrooges. Especially since it's been SNOWING so much lately, it really doesn't feel like spring or Easter.

Very Sad. (With a capital S)

But, I decided to push those dreary thoughts to the back of my head and bring out some of my Easter decor.

I found these sparkly eggs at the $1 spot at Target. My first thought was to hang them up in our tree in the front yard...but snow sort of put a damper on those plans.

I used my twine and hot glue to cover some styrafoam eggs and then some plastic camouflage eggs I found at the $1 Store. Who makes camouflage eggs? Strange.


This lovely birdhouse and stand I found at GW. I didn't do anything to the stand but clean it, but I did remove a lot of fake vines and flowers from the birdhouses and gave them a good paint job.

Here's a before:

 Another after:

All together now!

I took some extra sparkly eggs and a twine egg to add to my spring cloche.

Oh, I'm totally diggin' the sparkles. Perfect for Easter!


  1. Very cute..Happy Easter to you!

  2. I love your cloche!! The glitter eggs are fantastic too! :)

  3. I am not an easter decorator either. I like your little bit of color.


  4. i have those same eggs! my mom got them for me for easter.. I need to take some pictures of easter at my house and get them up since easters gonna be over here soon! lol

  5. Love it, girl! I have almost the exact same birdhouse set. I haven't performed surgery on them yet, but I guess I better get to it. It'll be time for Fall projects before we know it! :-)

  6. LOVE the sparkly and twine eggs....too cute! We had big plans for Easter decor and pre-Easter fun...but we got too busy decorating the nursery and none of it happened. Oh well. We're celebrating the REAL reason for Easter and that's what matters.

  7. Happy easter! Hope you also enjoy this Easter Sunday, where we actually should be celebrated.

  8. Love the sequined eggs, what a great centerpiece idea!


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