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Guest Blogger To Sew With Love

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to introduce you to our guest blogger today. To Sew with Love has a lovely variety of amazing sewing projects and great tutorials for your enjoyment! I hope you have fun seeing what they have in store! Enjoy!

everyone! I am Lelanie, one of the 3 "L"adies behind

To Sew With Love

I am really
excited to be guest posting for Megan today. I hope you don't mind if you don't get your daily
dose of Megan's craftiness since I'd invade for a while Megan's space ^^)

We love
sharing our crafting and sewing adventures (and misadventures ^^). Just recently, we have
shared tutorials such as these:

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and chef hat tutorial

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dress with spaghetti straps tutorial

I have been
seeing a lot of ruffled items lately on the web. I, myself, am a lover of all things ruffly and frilly
^^) Last week, I made this ruffly sling bag for my princess out of a fat quarter of linen, an old
muslin curtain and some rectangular scrap fabrics.

For this
bag, I used:

1 fat
quarter japanese linen

2 squares
out of old muslin curtain (approx. 9.25" x 9.5")

1 linen bias
tape 32" x 1.5"

fabrics of different sizes for ruffles: (2 pcs. 22" x 2" and 3 pieces 18" x 4")




I cut my fat
quarter linen into 4 equal-sized squares and cut 2 squares from the muslin curtain of the same
size as my linen squares.

I took
2 linen squares, folded them in half crosswise and ironed them. I will use it for the bag's

I took one
of the pocket pieces, looked for the top center and sewed on one velcro piece.

The pocket
piece looked like this after I have sewn on the velcro.
Since I wanted this to be pretty as this will be the exterior pocket, I
have sewn on also a lace and velvet ribbon.

positioned my piece right sides (of the fabric) together as shown above and sewed a straight
stitch, leavcing 1/4" seam from the edge.

I turned it inside out.
Since I wanted for the pocket to show and not be sewed together with the bag's

base, I left 1" space from tthe bottom edge of the linen square (which will be one side of the
bag), marked the area where the velcro should be and sewed it on. 

I then attached both pieces together by sewing a basting stitch on each side (just
to be sure I?d be catching all layers later) and sewed on the bottom part of the pocket.
This is what I had so far.
I took one ruffle piece, folded it lengthwise, right sides together and sewed a

straight stitch. I did the same to the other 3 ruffle pieces. I then turned them inside out and
ironed them.

So I had these.
I sewed a gathering stitch on each piece by setting my stitch length to the longest

possible (mine's 5.0) and sewed a straight stitch without backtracking. I did the same to all
pieces then gathered each piece by pulling on the bobbin thread.

I took the last piece of linen and marked where my first ruffle would go. I used a
diasppearing fabric pen.
I then pinned the ruffled fabric and adjusted the ruffles as I went on pinning.
I then sewed it on. The stitches on the side are basting stitches while the top are
stitches with backtracks. 
I did the same to all ruffles.
On the last ruffle piece, I sewed on a velvet ribbon.
I attached the interior pocket using the same steps as attaching the exterior
pocket. The only difference is that this pocket doesn't have any velcro on.
I have attached fabric end covers on my zippers (shown here

how). I placed the linen bias and zipper (facing down) as shown above. I later found out that
this is not the ideal place where the sling should be placed as I will show you later on. You
would have better results if you place your sling piece 1/2" away from the edge (which I did on
the second sling bag I made).

I placed on top of it the muslin piece with the pocket, right side down and

I replaced my presser foot with my zipper foot and sewed them together with a
straight stitch.
I then topstitched.
I followed the same steps to attach the zipper to the other side of the bag.
I pinned both linen pieces together and muslin pieces together as shown below.

And sewed them  by leaving 1/4" seam from the edge. When you get to the zipper area,
you have to sew just beside it but not sew through it. I left 2"-3" unsewn on my muslin piece so
I can turn my bag.

I wanted to strengthen my stitches and prevent the linen fabric from fraying so
easily so I sewed a zigzag stitch on all sides except the unsewn area.

I wanted the sling bag to be roomy enough for my daughter's snacks. So i clipped
the edges as shown above.
So I had these (above).
Turned it inside out and sewed by hand the unsewn part.
I made a special zipper puller with beads and buttons.
This cute butterfly will be hanging on the bag, too.

This is my daughter's sling bag. I did not like how the sling sort of got crooked.

So when I made this for my husband's niece (it was her birthday, I placed the sling
1/2" aways from the edge so it did not end up crooked. 
It also has a cute zipper puller. 
I hope you liked this tutorial. And do check our blog for more tutorials and free

Thanks a lot, Megan, for having us here today. We really enjoyed it!


Uh, WOW! That bag is so beautiful! I think I, in my sewing ignorance, could figure out that tutorial to create it as well! Thanks for coming on the blog Lelanie! I hope you guys can hop over and give her some blog-love! Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. thank you so much, Megan for having us here in your lovely place in blogland!


  2. Big Wow! Thank you for sharing the tutorial and for the introduction to to sew with love. Hugs and I hope you'll stop by and enter my latest giveaway to win a gorgeous dress!

  3. Thank you LeLanie, that is a nice bag. I'm thinking that with the right fabrics the college girlies would love this!! I will definitely have to pass this along!! Please come visit again!!

  4. That bag looks fabulous! I love the owl photoframe too!

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