Thursday, April 21, 2011

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Hey everyone!

I hope we're all having a wonderful week. I'm pretty happy because we're one day closer to Friday which means we're one day closer to the weekend and who doesn't love the weekend?

I realized the other day that I've dropped all early morning obligations (gymnastics, dance, etc.) in favor of just resting. Don't we all need a rest every now and then? My kids are so young and I think they can survive a few weeks of not running around or dealing with a stressed-out-because-I-can't-find-the-ballet-slipper-mommy. I'm sure after the summer months I'll be ready to dive back into a gajillion lessons for each kid and return to my chauffeuring ways. But right now...I'm enjoying the stillness. The restful mornings of lounging around in our pj's while the kids play, I slowly clean up the house and get ready for the day and we head out at our own leisurely pace. It seems like a gift, a time to savor. Next fall my daughter will start kindergarten and after that she'll be in 1st grade and my other daughter will be in kindergarten...and the year after that my daughters will be in grade school and my son will be in kindergarten. My mornings will be jam packed with where-the-heck-is-your-backpack-and-other-sock-mornings. So, right now I'm savoring the quiet. The slow pace. The chance to sleep in until 8 a.m. and then just hang out together as a family. My little, perfect family. I'm going to miss this, I'm sure. In fact, I'm positive.

So, my question for you this week is:

What do you to in your slow time?

Here's the party! Enjoy!



  1. Thanks for hosting another party...My down time consists of hanging out with my two boys who are 4 & 2, crafting(blogging) during their naps, and looking forward to my husband coming home from work. I appreciate these slow days now because I know it won't be that way forever =)

  2. Thanks for hosting! Down time...what is that?

  3. Nap! I'm a college student, so slow time is rare, but naps are necessary!

  4. My quiet "down" time is spent in the wee hours of the early morning...blogging, reading blogs and commentin. It's an hour and a half each day that I look forward to, before work kicks in and everyone else wakes up.

  5. My kids are older, so I am home alone until 3 while they are in school. I try and use that time to get as much done as I can. Hope you have wonderful weekend and thanks for hosting!

  6. Hi, I'm your newest follower. Hope you can stop by sometime.

    Have a great Friday!


  7. Well for one thing, you can sleep in!!! Pick us a few kid friendly crafts too :) and relax!

  8. This is going to sound crazy but we have all been sick here. For days we have hung out in the living room on a large airbed and watched movies and TV. It's been nice to just rest, relax and be together. I'm happy to say my sweet Alie is feeling better!! Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter Weekend.

  9. How nice to have that extra free time to do whatever you want and take your time!

    If i have time, I usually take a nap or work on crafts...when I have enough energy!

  10. Cherish this time, Meg! You will miss it but each day, each year as they grow is precious and so many joys with growing kids! I have to admit I love Sunday afternoon naps! That's a great slow time for me after the often hectic pace of a Sunday morning!

  11. Another new follower, when I (oh so rarely) have down time I like to knit.
    I'm new to blogging, I'd love for you to stop by


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