Thursday, April 7, 2011

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Ok, I'm back. At first, when I started this post, I just wrote those two little lines down there....just those two. Six words to be exact.

What's up with that?
I think I know.
It seems like there are an insane amount of interesting and funny and witty blog people out there. At times, it seems I couldn't get my personality across if I tried. Lately I've been feeling like all I've been able to communicate is "boring," "dull," "BLAH" Meg.
And that's really sad.
I loved blogging when I started. It was so fun to get on the computer and see all these wonderful ideas, read posts written by funny and creative people. I wanted to join the fun. I wanted to contribute something, too.
So, I tried. And I did have fun.
A lot of fun.
But now....I don't know, I'm feeling like I can't compete. And that'silly because the blog-world isn't about competing, is it? It's about sharing. And building-up. And bragging....just a little.

So...why do you blog? Is it for fun? For accolades? For recording purposes? Is it for money? For followers? For YOU? Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to stop blogging....but I also don't want some of my daily happiness to be judged on how many emails I get on a post or something. (Why do we all love emails? Comments? I LOVE them....they are so great....)

So tell me...because I love emails...and I'd also like to know....Why do you blog?
Here are my 6 words I mentioned before...

Have fun everyone!

Rules: NO RULES!


  1. It's almost like high school again, isn't it? Sometimes I feel like I want to take a break from blogging for a while because I feel the same way. My projects aren't cute enough or I don't have enough followers so what's the point? But I've made some wonderful friends blogging so I don't want to stop, I just get insecure sometimes.

  2. I'm so glad you decided to go with more than just six words. I just recently felt just like you. It's hard to compete with all the awesomeness out there. Take Beth with Stories A2Z, she's having a spring mantel link party. I got all excited got my mantel all ready to go, stuck it on the page and it looks odd in there. Mine is all bright and cheery and colorful and it's surround by light colored mantels that look like they belong in a Pottery Barn catalog. It made me feel about 2 feet tall. BUT someone or someoneS our there really liked mine. I think it's just a bloggers rut. You'll snap out of it, just like I did and I'm sure Michelle up there did too. I THINK your awesome and your blog is awesome. I started blogging for the very same reasons you did. I'm still inspired though. I hope you are too. I hope you get to feeling better soon too! :)

  3. dWhen I first came to look at your blog, I was bowled over by your gorgeous taste and lovely ideas. Please don't feel bad, my lovely.


  4. I blog so my family can keep up with us and our homeschooling, primarily. I also blog to help ME stay connected to the outside world, or so it seems at times.

    Your blog ROCKS! Keep up the awesome work.

  5. I started blogging to record the life of my first child. Now, coming up on seven years later, I tell my kids that my blog is the closest thing to a baby book they're ever going to get.

    I still blog to record our life, food, crafts, the funny things my kids say. Comments are great, followers are fun but anytime I lose sight of the fact that I'm blogging for my own memories I start to feel just what you're feeling.

    Oddly, when I blog for the fame and glory (hehe) I get way less comments and followers than when I blog for me.

  6. WHat a great reflective question! I think I started blogging for archival purposes with my crafting. Then I became more involved with the 'earning' through blogging but I soon felt like an advertising now I'm trying to get to a place of blogging for fun!
    Have a wonderful day and thanks for hosting this great party!!

  7. I think everyone goes through burnout sometimes...I started blogging when we moved because I wanted to document the remodeling on our house and I wanted to share crafts and recipes with others who had similar interests. Sometimes I get busy with life and too tired to do anything besides work and sleep and I feel guilty. But we all know your real life comes first and if you need a break, you deserve to take it.

  8. Oh how I loved your post this morning. I am new to blogging and ask myself that all the time. As I am constantly checking my "hits", Comments, ect. I am obsessed, and I can't figure out why. Why do I care if someone I have never meant loved it. I don't expect to make money, so I ask myself why. For right now I am using it as motivation to get stuff "I" want to get done done. I feel like I want to post at least every other day, and if I get something done around the house - it gives me something to post. I feel as though it makes me more creative, a better photographer, and pay more attention to the details. Because if I take a picture of something that isn't perfect - it looks far less than perfect in a picture. I am trying to use my blog to help me grow as a person, a mother, a wife and a crafter - and hope to inspire some people along the way. I have to realize to myself that reaching and making a difference in one person is far better than 10,000 people taking a 10 sec look at my page.

    Thanks for the constant inspiration, and your parties.

  9. Thanks for hosting! The creativity here is amazing! Just want I needed this morning. I just linked up my bathroom hooks that I couldn't wait to hang up in my bathroom!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I can relate to you how you are feeling. I have to snap myself out of it every so often. I just keep reminding myself that I am blogging for me. I most likely will never be "featured" somewhere or have a ton of followers but I do enjoy being creative and sharing things with my family and friends. I love the inspiration that is out in Blogland and can't seem to stay away :) Don't try to compete with anyone or compare yourself...just be YOU and be happy with that :)

  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject...its nice to know others feel the same way, especially you and your amazingly inspiring blog! I started blogging to keep myself organized and to provide a kind of structure to my day - otherwise I leave everything to the last minute, and while that does actually work for me, I am enjoying the process of actually thinking about things beforehand, and taking the time to put things together in an attractive manner.

    But when I go to blogs like yours, I wonder what on earth I am doing when there are so many incredible blogs out there....that is why I blog for myself mainly - not in a selfish way, but in a way that is authentic and meaningful to me...and if others find something in that, then that is amazing. If not, blogging is keeping me on track and organized. And it provides a kind of structure that I miss now that I am a SAHM.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog :)

  12. First, let me say that I think your blog is wonderful. I look forward to reading each post. Unfortunately, I don't comment enough, here or at the other blogs that I read and enjoy. I know exactly what you mean about blogging. I started my blog a year ago, full of good intentions and enthusiasm. I had only been reading other blogs for a few weeks when I 'signed up'. I went at it full force for a while, but have gradually slowed to a crawl. I find myself avoiding it, because I'm afraid my writings aren't as interesting or eye catching as many others. I feel the need to 'keep up' with other blogger's who post almost daily, detailing their latest crafts etc. This is very daunting, especially to someone like me, with an illness that keeps me from being as active and productive as others. I think that many times we get caught up in the 'competition' so to speak, that we forget that this is supposed to be fun for everyone.

  13. I found this blog post a few weeks ago, talking about the same thing. I thought it was pretty interesting.

  14. Thank you for sharing so honestly! I wrestle with this question, "Why do I blog?" everyday! It's something I think I do for myself, but feedback is nice, for sure. It does help motivate me when I'm working on a project. I love to start projects, but I'm not great at finishing them :-) But when I'm excited because I can't wait to see the pics on my blog, it helps me cross the finish line. Don't get discouraged - your blog is awesome!

  15. Over a THOUSAND followers and you are doubting yourself? Girl, people wouldn't click "follow" if they didn't like your personality and what you had to say. :)

  16. Hey there - thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Love when people do that.

    I think I started blogging to meet new people. But I feel you. I sometimes feel like it is a chore or that I HAVE to find time to make sure I don't lose what little followers I have.

    I aspire to be have tons of followers to have sponsors...but alas I have no idea where to begin. So I will just share my life a little at a time and the things I like to make...and hope people visit me and maybe make some more cool friends.

    Became your newest follower what I checked out so far. I will be back by again soon. especially for EVERYTHING BUT A KITCHEN SINK..

    have a great weekend
    mommy scraps alot

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  18. I blog because I just love all the creativity out there and I needed a place to put all these fabulous projects! We're fixing up an old house and my husband agrees to everything I want to do with it and I use blogland for inspiration. Oh, and you don't come across "duh", not at all - it's great here!

  19. I bet there are very few bloggers out there who don't feel like this at some time or another. I started blogging last summer when I teamed up with a few friends to host occasional tag sales. I thought it would be fun to write about our adventures. Well, it is fun and I love the inspiration and the interaction, but it is also a ton of work and extremely time consuming. The most important thing to remember is to be true to yourself and not worry about what or how everyone else is doing. The best blogs are the ones that are real, genuine and from the heart. Just be you and the rest will fall into place!

  20. I applaud you for being so honest Meg! That takes a lot of courage. I started blogging after my daughter suggested I do so! I enjoy blogging and I appreciate the feedback I receive on my posts. But I don't aim to be the best. I just do what I love and what makes me happy!

  21. You posed a very reflective question, one that I have often pondered. I have been blogging for a while first just to record family memories, then after seeing all the creative blogs out there and all of you awesome women I wanted to be a part of the "club". So high school as someone already stated. Anywho, after blogging for a while now, and pretty much no followers, (I do enjoy the few I have however) It does get discouraging and it does make you reflect on why you do it, and if you are "good enough". Some say make sure you post every day and yet that is hard sometimes when you feel like no one is out there in blog land anyway. I really like the comments you received from the ladies who say that they just blog for themselves and to have fun. Maybe I have lost sight of that. I do love to blog and it shouldn't matter that I get only 1 or 2 comments. The validation should come from me and not anyone else anyway... Well, like I said, you posed a great question to reflect on. Thanks I LOVE your blog and creativity; you're an inspiration to us all!


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