The Cabinet

My friend Shantel asked me to re-do a cabinet for her. I said “heck yes I will!” I love re-doing furniture, especially other peoples because they let me play with the pieces and try new and different techniques and they trust me to make something they will love. Amazing, right? My house is pretty packed full of furniture so I have no real opportunities except through other people. So, I will always accept a furniture challenge!

She dropped off this mission-style, hunter green cabinet. I asked her what she envisioned and she said, “milky blue, glass knobs, maybe some fun harlequin patterns….” My jaw dropped. Did she read my mind??? No problem!

I started trying to sand off the dark green paint and ended up looking a little like Oscar the Grouch, covered in green dust. I was sneezing green dust for about a week. And, that paint was stubborn! It didn’t want to leave and was starting to congeal under the heat of the sander. Sheesh. Next, I tried my always handy Citristrip paint stripper and again—this paint did NOT want to come off! Some of the paint did exactly as it was supposed to and bubbled and scraped right off. Most of the paint just turned this weird shade of light green and now I had not only a layer of paint but a layer of chemical paint stripper to get off the cabinet somehow. Grrrrr…

So, I broke down and ordered some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Rumor has it you don’t have to sand or prep your surface at all. I know! This would be PERFECT. So, I ordered away. When the paint came, I used a mini foam roller and applied a layer of Country White to the cabinet. It went on pretty well and I was pleased with the coverage. I’m not going to lie, I used almost the whole quart to cover this piece. I had also ordered a Duck Egg blue and wanted to use that as well. I watered-down this bit so when I sanded down, it would go quickly. Again, I used my roller for the sides and a brush for the trim. It went on nicely and I was pleased.

Then, disaster struck. The unthinkable!!! I used my palm sander and went to town on the sides of the cabinet. Ooooook, not exactly the look I was going for, but maybe the wax would help it look a bit nicer? I broke out the clear wax and applied a layer to the whole cabinet. Then, I took the dark wax and applied it to the sides.

I had to email some people who actually know what they’re doing, Sharon from Elizabeth and Co. and Miss Mustard Seed. And can you believe it, they emailed me back! I was so glad, because I was afraid I’d have to pay my friend to keep the cabinet after I had ruined it. Both Sharon and MMS suggested using clear wax over the dark wax to lighten up the dark smudges. Sharon then suggested to even paint over the wax again (you can do that you know…cool) and MMS suggested using the dark wax just around the edges.

Ok, paint over it??? Really??? Fine. I’ll do it. But, I won’t like it.

But, I did! I loved it! I watered down my paint and used MMS suggestion of doing the dark wax on the edges and fell in LOVE. Finally! Something going my way!

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