Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My SEW basic pillowcases!

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to share with you my journey through our first "It's SEW Basic Series!" Tina gave a great tutorial for the basic steps of sewing and how to make a simple pillowcase with a cute ruffle trim. Here's my journey....

First, I grabbed the necessity...
Then, I set up my machine.
Ta-da! There she is...he is...I haven't taken the time to name or genderize this, so I'm going to move on.
I gathered my material and measured and cut....then, I pinned.
I really, really hate pinning. I usually pin as far apart as I can manage. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to pinning. So, I sewed my pillow sides together.
Everything good so far.
 Then I sewed my ruffle. SO fun. Love ruffles. Everything I sew may end up with a ruffle of some sort or another.
Then, I sewed my ruffle on my pillowcase. Next, I pinned this onto my pillow case form. And I actually used a fair amount of pins.
And then I realized I sewed it on inside out.
Had to break out this bad boy..
Hello seam ripper. We're BFF's now. I might actually take the time to genderize and name the seam ripper.
We're that close.
After I ripped and re-pinned, I ended up with a beau-oootiful ruffle.

Nice, right? Let's look again.
And here's my pillowcase...

I have a husband, so I made him one, too.

It's not very manly, but I sure love it!
He got a ruffle, too...after all, I love 'em.
And this lovely material I found on clearance at Jo-Anne's. Awesome.
I got into a pillow-making frenzy. I used this tutorial from Dana at MADE, and made three lovely pillowcases for my son.
 Poor guy. Before this bevy of color, he had only white, boring pillowcase.
 I know.
I believe I solved that problem.
 The train pillowcase is FLANNEL. So warm. So comfortable. Not that I've used it.


  1. Great Job Megan! I love your pillowcases!

  2. love the pillowcases and the ruffles. I also love the table runner in the background of your first picture. Off to check your blog to see if you showed how to make that.

  3. I love them. My mother has started a tradition a couple years ago with the kids where she makes pillowcases for them on holidays. They have easter, halloween, and Christmas pillowcases so far! It's always neat to see what she comes up with! I love the ruffles on yours!!

  4. LOL Love your post AND your pillows! Thanks for sharing ~ stop by and say hi sometime!

  5. Oh, Meg! They turned out great! You did a fantastic job on all of them! And I love all of the fabric you selected! Thanks for partnering up with me on this!

  6. That is to funny! I got the same fabric that you chose for your hubby because it was on quilter clearance sale and was debating if I really liked it or not but for the price I picked it up! It does look so good once I see something done with it! Thanks for the visual!

  7. I love making pillowcases...have made a LOT over the years! But I think I'll try making a couple for my bed...with ruffles! I love these! Thanks for showing us how! Love your pretty fabric! ♥

  8. I love these, the fabric is so pretty. I adore ruffles and I might even be able to do this. :)

  9. Love the fabric you choose for the pillowcases!!! One better than the other and all together awsome!!!

  10. Look at you! You're getting quite handy on that machine of yours, Meg! With all that practice, it won't be long before Mr./Ms. seam ripper will have to find a new BFF. ;)

    Thanks for linking to the party each week. I enjoy your creative endeavors.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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