Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blog Swap with The Elephant's Trunk

Hello Knick Knack readers! I just love Megan's blog, she is incredibly talented and creative. So first I would like to say, Thank you Meg for having me here today!

I blog over at The Elephant's Trunk. I started my blog last August after a move from Colorado to Texas and to my first "big girl" place. I didn't have the funds I would have liked to decorate my place so I tried to decorate on a low budget. I started getting ideas from blogs and knew that this was something I wanted to be a part of!

Here are a few of my favorite past projects...


Headboard Frames

Wine Label Plate

I also do a feature each week on Wednesdays called Winey Wednesday were guest posters and myself talk all things wine.

 I'd love for you all to stop by for Winey Wednesdays or just stop by and say hello!

Once again, thank you to Megan for having me here at your fantastic blog! Have a great day everyone!

I hope you guys enjoyed meeting Lauren! Go on over to her place and show some bloggy love and check out my post as well! Don't forget to join Everything but the Kitchen Sink tomorrow night---and a special announcement! Yes, it's true---1,000 follower week of fun and madness continues! Heh. 


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