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Blog Swap with Crafting with Training Wheels

I'm so excited to introduce you guys to today's guest blogger! Kirsten from Crafting with Training Wheels has some fabulous ideas. Today, she has a wonderful giveaway and other freebies for us, so read on to find out what she has in store....And, I'm over at her blog today to share how to make a monogram wood block. Check it out!

Hello fellow bloggers! I am SO pleased to be here on A Little Knick Knack! I am a new craft blogger and was thrilled with the invitation to guest blog here today. 
A little about me... I started my craft blog in order to help people who rent their homes and can't do massive home renovations. I'm in love with board and batten just like the rest of blogland but it was out of the question for me so Crafting With Training Wheels was born!
Today I am here to share with you my Tile Coaster Tutorial. Wedding season is upon us and it is hard to find a non-traditional gift and these are fun and easy to make.
Above are the materials I used. Some I had on hand and some I purchased. 
Ceramic Tiles from Home Depot- $.16/tile
Ribbon from the Dollar Store
Acrylic Paint that I had on hand
Silhouette and Vinyl already on hand
Cork from Walmart (about $5 for the package of 4 sheets)
Glue gun, already on hand
Not Pictured:
Cookie Sheet
Sponge Brushes
A good iPod Playlist
Before I started this project, I made sure to wash the tiles with warm soapy water to get rid of anything that may have been on there before. While they were drying, I chose some wedding themed items from the Silhouette online store and added a few things of my own. I loaded some vinyl and cut the image. This can be done without a Silhouette using a craft knife.
After the images were cut, I separated the positive and negative images from the stencil. We will be using the negative space for this project but I always try and save the other portion for another time. 
Then I applied all of the stencils to the tile.
Now that I have my stencils on, I applied the paint over the stencils. I like to lay down some wax or freezer paper on my table to make sure I don't get any paint where it shouldn't be. It also allows me to put my paint right on the paper, not dirtying any other containers.
You will want to remove the stencils while the paint is still wet to get a clean line around the edges. I suggest letting the paint dry for 2-3 minutes, then removing the stencils. For small floating stencil pieces such as the middle of the "O," try using a craft knife or tweezers. 
Once you have removed all of the stencils, you are ready to bake the vinyl.

These next steps are very important.
Place your tiles on a cookie sheet into a COLD oven. Set your oven to bake at 325 degrees for 45 minutes. 
Once they have finished baking, open the oven and let the tiles cool with the oven. The tiles need to remain room temperature at all times to avoid breaking. Once the tiles are cool to the touch, they can be removed.
While the tiles were baking, I cut enough small pieces of the cork sheeting to place one on every corner of each tile. I used my glue gun to adhere these but something like Gorilla Glue would work as well. This will prevent the tiles from scratching any surface they are on. 
I also made my son a hanging plaque with an extra tile with a reference to his favorite book, Good Night Moon. I used my glue gun to adhere some ribbon to hang it with and some felt to prevent it from scraping the wall.
To finish off the coasters, I used a black transparent ribbon and tied them up package style. 
A few notes about this project: I generally like to do these in black and white because it makes them timeless and will match any one's decor. If you know these will get a lot of use, you can put a clear glaze on before baking to seal them. I also do these as gifts for many other occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays, Baby Showers and they make great seat tags for Thanksgiving.
I'd like to thank Meg and all of you for inviting me here today! I will be running a give away of a personalized set of coasters or a hanging plaque for A Little Knick Knack readers only until April 15th. To enter, head over to my blog, Crafting With Training Wheels and follow me for one entry. Then Like us on Facebook for a second entry. Leave me a comment on my link to this post for each entry. 
Generic sets of these coasters and wall hangings will be available in my Etsy shop starting Friday. You can also contact me via my blog for a custom order.
Thanks again Meg!
Yours In Craft,

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  1. My nephew has a wedding coming up! this would be a great gift! thanks for the tutorial and giveaway! love the goodnight noon plaque too!
    I am a new follower you your blog.


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