Sunday, January 23, 2011

Very Exciting News from CSN!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to make it official. This wonderful CSN giveaway and the special way to enter!
Here's how it works....

Grab the special button on my sidebar   --->

And write up a little post on your blog. Let's get the word out!

Come back January 27, Thursday night, 7:00 p.m. Central, to join the Everything but the Kitchen Sink link party.

A Little Knick Knack 

Each person who joins the party will get a chance to win the $130 to CSN! I'll be checking each entry to make sure there's a EBTKS button on your post or blog.

Are you ready for a week of fun? I am! Because, I'm not announcing one giveaway...I'm announcing two!

That's right you lucky people....I'm also announcing a giveaway for Devine Color paints! The winner will receive a gallon of paint from Devine Color's "Trend Proof Palette." Awesome! Click here to check out my review of Devine Color's amazing paints. Check back tonight for the post where you can enter!

That's all folks. Got hungry kids I gotta feed. 


  1. I entered the code for the giant CSN button - but it doesn't work on my blog. It seems to be a photobucket issue. It's working on your blog, so maybe the code is a little off in the grab box. Just thought you might want to know so you can check it out and fix it.


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