Wednesday, January 26, 2011

They're From Here? NO WAY!

 Hey everyone...I decided to participate in this week's "Where in the World are You?" Blog hop over at Just Married with Coupons. 
Just Married with Coupons
This week's question is, "what famous people are from where you live?" I've learned there's a lot of the rich and the famous from good ole Minnesota....

This man needs no introduction...

 ...and our own local shop-lifter...


You guys may not know this one....he's Garrison Keillor, of Prairie Home Companion. Very famous 'round there here parts...very famous.

And finally, I'm proud to say, we are the birthplace of...

...that's right...Toto.
No! I'm kidding. Judy Garland was born here! Awesome. Our own Dorothy. 
So, that's us! I'm sure there's many more famous people here, but the kids are clammoring for some food. Who needs breakfast?? I ask you! Sheesh.


  1. Wow. I thought the shoplifter was from my birth state of California. Tell the kids to wait, we're learning important things in blogland today!

  2. I'm from Texas!
    New blog follower from the Around the World blog hop! Would love a follow back at

  3. I heart Prince! I lived in Minneapolis for a while, too cold!

  4. LOL LOL............I heart Prince !!!


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