Sunday, January 9, 2011


I have a dilemma. It's true! And I need your help! Can you guys help me out?

I have always, from afar, admired people who put modern rugs in their home. They bring beauty, comfort and an anchor to many places in the home. And, for some reason, I'm afraid of them! There are so many styles and sizes that I can never pick one that I think will work for a room.

I love big, bold colors and patterns...but have no idea if they would work with my room! So...I'm asking for some opinions! And this comes with a GREAT catch.

CSN has given me the go ahead to offer one lucky reader an insane amount of moolah to their site. I will be hitting two birds with one stone here...first, I get the opinion of your wonderful readers, on which modern rugs would look best in my family room....and second, it gives me the chance to offer you guys some cash to spend at when this little poll is over! Win-win!

So, click on modern rugs, and hop on back over here and let me know which one will look best in my family room. And...because I love you guys so much....I'm showing you what it looks like right this second...scary, right? It's a huge room! Our office sits in the corner I took the picture from. So, I'd like to make it sort of sectioned into two parts, and I thought a rug might help. HELP!

My walls have a light gray color and the carpet is an off-white. Just in case you were wondering...! always, don't forget to enter:

Thanks you guys! You're the best!


  1. Meg, I love the 3rd rug you posted! Gorgeous. I might have to pick that up for my family room! :)

  2. I like either the first or third rug you picked! How fun!

  3. Hi Meg....Wow! I love the three you just showed. Especially the third. It reminds me of my duvet. I have to walk out the door right now, but when I go home later I am going to go to link you gave for Modern Rugs and look through each and every one. They look gorgeous! You know me, I am all about bold, and that is what these are....

    What color are the walls in your living room? I am having a hard time telling from the photo.

    I'll be in touch later tonight...I can't wait to read everyone else's ideas...

    Take care,

  4. I'm afraid I have the same dilema when it comes to choosing textiles! Out of the three you pictured..I also like the 3rd one but on the website, my favorite one is Savavieh Soho SOH711B Brown/Beige comtemporary rug :)
    Lot of beautiful rugs to choose from.

  5. such a large are i think i would go with #2, all 3 are very pretty

  6. I think I like Foreign Accents Festival MBT 2127 Contemporary Rug but I'm not sure it comes big enough for that space unless you group the furniture around it. It shouldn't show dirt too much. I ought to tell you my family thinks all my taste is in my

    Thanks for the CSN giveaway. Donnie

  7. I can kind of see one wall - it has a design on it? In your photos? I'm partial to anything with a splash of burgundy-like colors in it - especially rugs. I'm also a rug person & will say your room would look SO good with one. It needs one! It's crying out for one ;) If you are partial to the 3 you posted, the 3rd would look best, I think. But if you're open to other colors, styles, etc. they have so many beautiful 'family room' rugs on their site. Good luck!

    craft and country (at) yahoo (dot) com

  8. I went over to CSN and found this Calvin Klein Rugs Loom Select Ivory Contemporary Rug that might look good in your space:

  9. I really like the Thomas Paul Seed Rug in kiwi and cream. There were so many beautiful rugs, I'm sure it's gonna be a hard decision!

  10. Wow, this is tough. I love the Thomas Paul rugs ...almost all of them. It's really hard to tell what color walls you have in your family room, so I just say go with the color you want to accentuate and pick one of the Thomas Paul' can't go wrong.

  11. I really love the first rug you posted. But the picture of your room is kind of dark and I can't really tell what colors you already have in the room so it may not match.

  12. I love the Thomas Paul seed rug. I also like the last one you posted. It's similar in design to your accent wall. What color is the room?
    Since it's a big room, you could totally go in zones. Lucky - I wish my room was as big!

  13. Okay not sure here. If we should choose from the three pics above then I like number 3. My choices from the store site are (well I have two..)
    1. the safe choice it is neutral Surga Goa Beige/Gold
    2. the bold crazy in me likes this..Thomas Paul Ziana Rug in Persimmon/Cream
    Too many choices!! Have fun and good luck!!

  14. I love all the ones you pictured. Also love all the Thomas Paul rugs. And Surya Cosmopolitan 8828 Ashby Contemporary Rug. Too many great choices- not much help, am I?!

  15. I really like your third choice, but I'm not sure if it's too similar to your stenciled wall treatment? I know how you feel about the rug decision - I'm feeling the same about picking a rug for our family room, too!

    Other rugs I love: all the rug colors in this collection: I've been eyeing them for awhile!


  16. I like the 3rd one, but agree with Chelsea that it may be too matchy to the wall treatment. I also love grays with deep purples! Good luck!

  17. i love the third one you posted and i also love this one (, the bird theme is very popular right now. good luck picking one out!

  18. i am a huge fan of most of the thomas paul rugs. i think you need something with a nonsymetrical large graphic... you have a symettrical stencil on your wall it looks like, so i think s symetrical rug would just be too much measured pattern!

  19. I love the first rug you chose, but in the mostly-neutral room I think you could use a splash of color! So then I found THIS {}

    Please pick me! Because I have a mild obsession with CSN right now =) Actually just bought my stroller from them AND a zebra print rug for Lil Miss' room!


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