Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mantle Progress

I'm slowly but surely fixing my mantle. After the Christmas madness, I decided to re-vamp it a little bit...we're SLOWLY adding for a full effect.



Can you spot the difference?

Another thing I worked on yesterday was adding some books. I love books. I have a gazillion of them. All over the house. So, I figure I need to start incorporating them into my decorating scheme. For storage purposes, of course.

Want to know another secret? I love hardback books. I just love 'em. They feel so much more...bookish. But, I hate book covers! I'm always ripping them, bending them, losing them. Finally, I just decided to be done with the whole book cover process, so as soon as I get a new hardback book, the cover goes in the trash. Scandalous, right? Anyway, I found some books for my mantle, but, I didn't like how my books looked. You may think this is an instance where throwing away the covers came back to thwart me...not so!

I happened to grab this awesome scrapbook paper awhile back for a project I never ended up doing. I decided to go back to my middle-high-school book-covering roots and make some "vintage" book covers.

So I did. It was lots of fun. On one of them I doodled "MM + CG = Luv 4Ever." Heh. (Not really. But, it would've been funny).

Found some fun twine to put it all together.

 A full effect.....

So far, so good! I'm still not satisfied, though. More changes to come.


  1. That pop of white or cream pain really made your mantle look bigger. Very nice.

  2. it looks fab, but what a difference painting the inset a different color makes! wow!

  3. I'm with you, I have this thing about hardback books! I love having them around. Your book covers are adorable!

  4. Thumbs up from me for all your book ideas: decorating with them, covering them with cool paper, and scrapping those annoying covers. I have wanted to do that, but felt so guilty. Your post has set me free! Thanks.

  5. Your mantle looks great. I love your book covers and the twine adds the perfect touch!

  6. I LOVE the new paint! It really makes your picture POP!!!

  7. I hate book covers too! So annoying. But I'm worried I WILL miss them if I throw it away...so I have them still. =(

  8. Hi Meg,

    What gorgeous paper. It looks beautiful covering your books.

    I can remember writing things on my books at school too. I met my husband when I was 14 and I can remember practicing what my name would look like with his surname on my school books the week after I first met him!!!

    And now I have that name for real!!


  9. I like the book idea, I will have to "steal" that from you. ;) My mantle is still bare...yipes!!


  10. I must truly be blind! The thing I noticed was that you moved the friggin candle stick! WOW! But really if you did notice it too the tall candle stick moved from the right side by the G to the other side! Lol... Now that I really look I love the color change! It makes the family photo really pop!

  11. You mantel looks great the giant "G" is awesome and I really like what you did with those books.

  12. Love the book covers. I saw some covered in simple linen this past weekend and they were lovely as well.

  13. Love the mantle!! The book covers are awesome!!


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