Monday, January 17, 2011

Give me your input!

As some of your know, I'm re-doing the small bathroom in our downstairs. We went with chrome hardware, since that's what we had originally and it would be cheaper to keep with that scheme. Then, I went and distressed the vanity and I think chrome would look...wrong. I want to use a dark, oil-rubbed bronze hardware, but I have no idea if that would look dumb next to the shiny chrome we have going, I need your help! Pretty please?


  1. I just clicked back over to the bathroom, and I think o.r.b. would really pop against the distressed look. The chrome kind of gets lost. I remember some ladies recently spray painted their door knobs in their houses and they held up well to the use, just something to consider instead of buying all new fixtures, you could just spray paint what you have?

  2. Hi Meg,

    I love blogging for this kind of thing. My thought is to stick with the chrome if it's a small room - or change the chrome accessories and go with the new tap colour on everything.

    But....I'm totally sure that whatever you choose will look fab - just like you!


  3. I lean to the Oil-rubbed bronze.

  4. I say get out the ORB and spray paint the other stuff. We did this to my sisters house before we new about ORB and sprayed several coats of clear sealant on and it lasted for 10 years!

  5. Hi Meg. I think the oil rubbed bronze would look better, but it definitely won't go unless you change all of the other fixtures like you said. To be honest though, the chrome looks just fine....

    Take care,


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