Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shutter Love

Hey all!

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Ok, now on to a project I've been working on FOREVER.

Ever have one of those?

Well, this was mine.

I found these awesome shutters at a local antique store. They were dark blue on one side and a deep red on the other.

I know.

I decided to use some paint stripper. For the first time! I picked the orange citrus-smelling stripper.

And fell in love. It's awesome, you guys! AWESOME! Too bad this paint was stubborn. I had to apply 3 coats of stripper and then it took forever to get the paint off each individual slat on the shutter. Sheesh. I should have picked an easier project for my first paint-stripping attempt, but hey....what can you do?

Anyway, after finally getting most of the paint off (the above pictures were my 2nd attempt on the paint stripper), I decided I wanted to use my Valspar Pearl spray-paint and a crackle effect. I know...two different techniques? Was I crazy?!?

Apparently I was.

See, all the crackle paint mediums I found were for acrylic paint...not spray paint. And we all know, for me, it's spray paint or nothing.

And I mean nothing.

So, I searched all over, buying all sorts of weird crackling mediums, before I stumbled on Valspars crackle spray paint at Michaels. And guess what? They were on clearance for only $2 a can! Score!

Of course, fate was not so kind to me. As always.

Turns out since this paint is on clearance, NO ONE had the white crackle medium I wanted! NO ONE! Sigh. I finally ended up finding some cans at the 5th Michaels I tried. Yeah!

Woud fate be so kind to me?

Of course not.

Turns out, you need to buy the Valspar crackle paint BASE coat in order for this crackle spray paint medium to really work.

Who knew?

I did!

Well, after lots of trial and error, I finally ended up with what I wanted.

After applying the crackle medium, I sprayed it lightly with the Valspar Pearl spray paint. Just for some wonderful sheen to it. Love that pearly stuff. LOVE IT!

But, here's what I really had in mind. I put the shutters behind my nightstands in my master bedroom.

(Someday I will clean my room up enough to show you the entire picture. I like it. )

I took my idea from the #3 linen canvas I did awhile back. I used 2 smaller canvases to cover them with linen, and used my trusty gold paint pent to write Mr. and Mrs. It was a little too gold for me, though, so I applied a dry coat of silver paint on top to tone it down a bit. I added the green burlap ribbon to hang the canvas and called it good!


  1. Very cute!! I just love shutters!!!

  2. Oh I just love this!!!!!


  3. For all your hard work, they turned out really nice, Meg! I like the idea of hanging the Mr. and Mrs. canvases from each one. Very cute!


  4. Very cute! I love this project, you can tell you put a lot of work into it and it turned out great!

  5. These are adorable! I really like the Mr and Mrs on the linen!

  6. Those turned out so pretty. I like the delicate ribbon you used, too.

  7. So cute, Meg! I love the canvas Mr. and Mrs. art! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! :)

  8. Beautiful! I love them Megan! Great job. You will definitely need to show me how to crackle paint!

  9. Wonderful job and a pretty addition to your master bedroom. I stripped a dining room table once...it was solid maple and gorgeous when I finished but I don't think I'll ever do it again.

  10. Meg wow that was quite a project, it turned out fabulously!!

    Come and see my latest find, would love your comments, I will also have a new giveaway soon!

    Art by Karena

  11. I love how these turned out. Fabulous!!!

  12. Wow, how cute! The Mr. and Mrs. are perfect touches. (Visiting from Thrifty Thursday.)

  13. Love, love your shutter redo. And the color and finish are perfect--so worth 5 trips to Michaels.

  14. They look great! I love old shutters and old doors. Yours turned out wonderful.

    Partying with you tonight.

  15. very sweet! great job - I love shutters too and haven't thought of a way to bring them into my current interior. But you have given me some inspiration! Thanks for sharing ;)

  16. I love the crackle finish you put on the shutters. Crackling can be such a tricky beast. I didn't even know it was available in spray can form. Thanks for the info and letting us learn from your adventure.

  17. That's such a cute idea! You did a wonderful job.


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