Sunday, November 28, 2010

Family burlap board

Hello all!
I'm hoping you had a great weekend and Thanksgiving!

Today I'm going to share my burlap "family" sign that I shared over at Beckie's blog, Unique Boutique!

We start with a cheap-o frame (this one was found at Michael's for $3...score!) and take the backing off and glue some burlap onto it. Be careful! The glue will seep through the burlap...I have the burns to prove it!

Here's how I like to glue burlap, to make it even....let's say you start on the left side....after you glue that down, do the opposite side. Then do the top left....then the bottom right and vice versa. The corners fold down nicely after you do all that and the burlap will lay nice and straight.

If you have a Cricut or stamps, then you can skip the next say, 7 steps. :) I don't have a cricut or stamps, so I use my "poor-man's" method. Find a font you like and print it out in bold. Lay the words down how you want them lined up on your burlap....

Now, cut out the black part of your word. Be sure to keep the outline in one piece....

Now, I wasn't able to take pics of the next part, but you apply your paint by using a sponge brush and lightly dabbing the paint on your "stencil." Be sure to push down the sides when you dab your paint, so not to spread your paint out of the stencil lines.

When you try to take your pic, be sure your daughter is done showing you her pretty drawing. (It is pretty good, right? Proud mom moment....)

I had fun adding these fabric flowers to help embellish our "family" sign. There are lots of tutorials over blogland for these and they are really easy! You simply tie a knot at the end of a length of fabric and twist, around the knot, gluing in strategic spots to help it stay put. And, it's that easy folks! If that explanation didn't make any sense, I'm so sorry! Others have done a better job of it out there, I promise!

Here's the final product....

And here it is on my wall!

Another shot for that hand print?, too....

Have a wonderful week and be sure to enter the giveaway for a $40 gift certificate to Cutting Edge Stencils!


  1. it looks great, meg! and i love the handprint- makes it feel more like home to me. :)

  2. Whoa! We totally have that my little pony coloring book! Aaaaand I just finished working on a sign using the same poor man's method like 4 minutes ago. Crazy!

  3. That is the cutest thing! Awesome tutorial too! I think I could actually do this. Thanks!

  4. Hi There!!

    I am absolutely your newest follower! You have so many creative creations on your blog that I look forward to coming back here often. I am super inspired by the blogs that I follow and am trying to get more and more crafty every day!

    Please visit me sometime if you get a chance.

  5. Very cute project. I would also do my stencils that way. The cutters are nice, but I don't have one. I don't know how many times I have cleaned to take a picture!LOL If it weren't for blogging the house would be twice as dirty!

  6. Ooohhh I love that!! So cute! I want one now =)

  7. I absolutely love it... I might even steal your idea, using different words... And again, thanks for stopping by at the Little White House yesterday!

  8. This looks great, I love it!! You did a wonderful job!

    Kelli @

  9. This is so clean and simple! I just love it! Would love for you to visit me and link up to Made with Love Monday at Sew Chatty!

  10. What a cool idea! It makes me think want to try one with our last name. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm not as brave as you, I stayed away from the crowds last weekend. I'll take my little man out shopping this weekend. Have a great week!

  11. Very cute!!! I love how it turned out! Lol - don't you love it when you look back at your pictures and see something glaring at you - like a dirty sock in the floor or finger prints on a mirror! :) Too funny!

  12. Wow this is so cool! Love the burlap, and your rosettes!

    I'm your newest follower. Will you check out my blog?

  13. The flowers added just the right touch, Meg. And tell your daughter she did a fantastic job with the little pony pic. ;)

    Thanks for linking to my party. I look forward to seeing what you link up each week.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  14. I love anything with burlap. This is just so cute and the artwork is priceless;-) I do the stencils the old fashioned way too. Great job!

  15. that looks great! and your daughter reminds me of mine, showing me her drawings and colorings :)


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