Sunday, November 14, 2010

End Table Transformation

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I think it means when a friend tells you she thought of you when buying a thrifty nightstand, you take it and run. Because, you can do everything you've dreamed of doing, but been too afraid to try.

Yes, it's true. I totally used my friends table as a guinea pig.

I have all these fun ideas and faux finishing, texturing, using funky colors....but I've never had a good reason to try because I don't have any more room in my house for experiments. So, this was a perfect opportunity to get my evil scientist out and go to town!


So, to begin my mad scientist process, I sanded down the piece and then wiped off the excess. I took a white spray primer to it and then over that I used a coat of satin white.

Then...I let the madness begin...mwahahahaha!

I took my metallic pearl white acryllic paint and mixed it up with an anitquing agent and a teeny, tiny dab of silver paint. Then, I rubbed it liberally over the finish. Then, I wiped it off. It worked so well! The paint had turned this lovely shimmery - antiquey - finish to it. I then printed up a monogram for the middle of the table and traced it with a silver paint pen. I filled it in and then sanded it down to prepare it for my special mixture. It was AMAZING. Just as I pictured it. 

Then...disaster struck.

Oh yes. This story is a sad story, my friends. I decided that I need to apply a coat of spray lacquer to the piece to protect the glorious finish. I went to apply it a couple of days after my masterpiece was done. 


The spray paint made the acryllic finish bubble and split. Oh, it was NOT pretty. I almost broke down in tears. I may have even shed a few. But mostly, I was MAD. All the work for nothing! Gone! Too sad to contemplate. 

After sanding the bubbled pieces off (because I REALLY did not want to start from scratch again), I decided to try some more finishes to hide the nasty parts. I mixed more of my metallic pearl/antique agent/silver paint and took a foam brush and moved it in circles over the top of the table. The legs were fine since I hadn't hit those with the spray lacquer. After that dried, I used a one-step crackle finish to apply all over the top. It crackled pretty good and the finish left a nice shine to the piece. Sigh. I was happy with it. Not ecstatic, like I was in the beginning, but satisfied my efforts to win it back were not in vain.
 My "marble" finish

 You can still see the N in the middle...sort of...

 I used a metallic silver spray paint to paint the drawer. I then roughed up the edges a little bit.

 If you look closely, you can see the crackle effect...look very close.

What do you think, guys? Should I give it back to my friend or hide it and try and find a different piece to give her in exchange? Any thoughts are welcome!


  1. I think you "saved" this piece pretty well & learned something in the process. I'd give it your friend & look proud as you deliver it cause you should be.

  2. Looks great! I think you should give it to her, it doesn't look THAT bad! ;-)

  3. I am so sorry that that happened but it really looks great! You did an amazing job hiding the boo-boos! :) I would definitely give it to her!

  4. Aww my heart broke for you! I think it still looks a lot better than it did!! Be proud!

  5. I'm sorry it didn't work out as you intended, but I think the end result turned out great!

  6. What an unusual piece! I've never seen a little table quite like your friend's. I hate it when "evil scientist" ideas don't turn out! Especially after all that hard work. But you saved the table in the end. I think it turned out very cute!

  7. I think it turned out great and you should give it to her proudly. Some of my best designs were made out of mistakes and trying to recoup!!! Stopping in from Metamorphis Monday!

  8. FYI: In the future remember to use the spray paint within 1 hour or after several days. Most cans say apply after 24-48 hours, but some need a week to cure, especially if the drying room is cool.
    Nice recovery!!!

  9. THis is a fabulous transformation!
    Thanks for your visit!
    Take care

  10. That is awesome! I would love for you to come link up at our Strut Your Stuff Party!

  11. I love it! I think you did a great job...and well, you know, mostly I just appreciate that you have a talent to fix things like this...thanks for taking on this project...can I come pick it up from you sometime today?

  12. I saw this on Melissa's Blog. I LOVE your blog - I am in house decorating mode, so I am excited to find your blog. I have an armiore - that is green - that I want painted if you wanted another project.


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