Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog Swap with Twelve Crafts "Til Christmas

Hello A Little Knick Knack readers!  I'm thrilled to be trading spaces with Meg today!    
First, let me introduce myself . . . I'm Elizabeth and this is my Monkey (little sister) and my Peanut (big sister). 

These two little gals are the reason that I started crafting and blogging.
Almost ten months ago I began sewing/crafting and started a little blog called twelve crafts till Christmas.  

Twelve crafts till Christmas is all about my journey in making all my kids' Christmas gifts for December 2010.  And before you ask . . . yes, I do need an entire year to do that!  Along the way towards my goal, I've also been on a mission to inspire people to make at least one - just one (unless you're inspired to do more) - homemade gift this year.  There is nothing better than a gift that has been labored over and loved on, so I provide a bunch of tutorials and gift ideas mixed in with my own novice sewing and crafting antics and some super fun (and very messy) kids' crafts/activities along the way.          
I truly believe that anyone can make something for someone because in seven months of sewing and crafting, I've gone from saying, "Oh, I could never make that," to "Hey, I think I can make that!" 

And here are some of my favs:
Gift Ideas for Kids/Tutorials
Pretend and Play Mommy (or Daddy) Set 

Crafts/Activities for Kids
Don't Forget to Make Yourself Something Too!
Or come check out my tutorial and gift idea page for a variety of other gifts you can make for your family and friends.
And every Saturday until Christmas, a guest blogger will be sharing a stocking stuffer idea with some great opportunities to make it or win it.  Come by and enter to win this weeks stocking stuffer or link up your own ideas and you may be featured in the weeks to come

I would love for you to stop over and say "Hi!"
As I say over at twelve crafts . . . CRAFT ON!


I would love to hear from you!