Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pumpkins, etc.

I've seen a LOT of fall-scapes out there. For tables, front porches, mantles, living rooms, windows....there is a plethora (word of the day!) of pumpkin and fall goodness out in blogland for all to enjoy. There are several different things I want to try. Yesterday, after dropping off 2 of my 3 kids for a playdate, I raided Walmart for all of my fall-scape supplies. 

I gathered some of Wally's foam pumpkins, some wooden dowl rods and some floral moss and got to work. 

First, I used my floral moss to line the edges of my flower pot. I still had all the dirt in there from my summer flowers. Then, I tore the stems off of the pumpkins and used a couple of dowel rods to stick them in the empty hole.  

The bottom pumpkin was the perfectly shaped squat pumpkin, but it was way too orange for my taste. I used my metallic cafe latte spray paint to make it a lovely bronzish color.

The green pumpkin has a nice layer of crystals that makes it shimmer and shine in the sunlight. 

The white pumpkin came with all that stuff on top of it and I was going to tear it off for something else, but I kind of like it. I think I'll keep it!

And, here it is! My pumpkin topiary.

The next pumpkin I got from Michael's for 40% off. It is also a fake pumpkin. I bought it white and then used my Valspar Pearl spray paint to give it a little shimmer.

My second Michael's pumpkin with more of the Cafe Latte spray. Love it!

 Can you believe this swag was made from prairie grass growing in my backyard? Well, it is!

Lovely orange fall flowers from Wally's. 

These twine pumpkins were $2.50 in the $1 spot at Target! I bought three!!!

And here is my "what the heck?" pumpkin. It was originally orange and I wanted to make it a fun crackle pumpkin (I have a crackle paint project going on now). Well, it didn't work out how I planned, so I needed to cover up the disaster paint job. I wanted to try a different color, so I used my red spray paint. Once it dried, I thought it just looked like a bloody pumpkin. (Gross, right?) So, I took my Ralph Lauren Faux glaze and rubbed it liberally all over the pumpkin. The glaze soaked into the cracks and crevices and darkened up the red quite a bit. Well....then, it just looked like a giant weird apple to me, so I tried to add some ribbon and other decoration to sort of mask it. Ah, well. It works, kinda! I'll keep it!

My lovely basket, spray painted a light, light, heirloom white. The "boo" bucket is part of my chalk-painted flower pots I used during the summer.

And, here's some more swag made out of more prairie grass. I think I'm ready for fall!


  1. Wow, Meg! You did a lot of decorating on the cheap. Very smart of you! I like the topiary and the shimmery punkin. Looks great!


  2. You never cease to amaze me.

  3. OMGosh!! I love all your wonderful pumpkins...especially the twine ones from Target! Love the sparkly white pumpkin soo much! Great job. {thanks for stopping by my blog}

  4. all too cute!
    great ideas.

    barbara jean

  5. Cute, Cute, Cute! I really like the pearl paint!
    I haven't even done my front porch yet!(It's a stoop actually.) I need to get crackin'!

  6. Meg,
    Your pumpkins look really that pearl paint! Happy Fall!


  7. Love them all! Even the red one :)

  8. I totally dig this! It's so cute and easy to do!I got a couple of those pumpkins from Target, too. When I saw them I was like, "Really? This has got to be a mistake," and I grabbed a bunch! LOL! I would just love it if you would come over to Crazy Cute at Between U & Me and share this with everyone! :)

  9. Yay! Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you next week! ;)

  10. girl! how classy that topiary is! i love it, those colors are fab. i hope to get some foam pumpkins on clearance this year. you rocked it.

  11. I LOVE unexpected colors and textures in fall decorating, and your porch just sings to me!

  12. Wow! This is fantastic! I hope you'll come link it up to my Halloween party this weekend. It would be such a great addition! It looks wonderful!


  13. I don't like orange, so if you spray them pumpkins, real or fake I am for it!!
    nice post. jo at sunnyside

  14. Your fall pumpkin displays are great! I absolutely love that twisted one from Target. Looks like it cost way more than $2.50! Your decor inspires me to do my own!

  15. I love the palette of the topiary. Just lovely!

  16. Looks like you've been quite busy crafting for fall, Meg. The pumpkin totem has a very nice "upscale" appearance. Don't worry about the red pumpkin. You've done a great job displaying it with the berries and leaves.

    Thanks for linking to my party. I look forward to seeing what you link up each week.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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