Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's the Little Things

I added some fun little knick knacks to the home the other day....thought I would share them with you!

These fun little bird cages I found at the $1 section at Michaels. They had all sorts of colors, but I liked the yellow and the black.

Isn't the detail fun?

The decor ball I found at a fun store in Amarillo and the lantern is a cheap thrift store find.
This is a huge clock I found on the cheap at Menards! You guys have one of those? They ROCK!
This is a $1 store soap despenser I found and added my $1 rub-on decals I got at Michaels! Yeah for the $1!



  1. You found the rub ons! I love everything.

  2. Wow, fun finds Meg! I like all your treausres. The clock is really neat!


  3. I bought a birdcage like your in ORANGE! :)

  4. Oh I love those mini birdcages!! Need to run out to Michaels and see if they have any!

  5. Menards can be a surprisingly good place to buy things if they have something you like.

  6. We are so bad for each other....I bought some of those birdcages last night and...MORE rub-ons!

  7. I do like your finds! I got one of the little black birdcages. Still trying to decide whether to add a little bling and/or where I will put it.
    Enjoy your evening.

  8. OK, I FINALLY found the birdcages at Michaels! LOL. I snagged 3 of them in different colors. Now to decide what to do with them!! LOL


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