Monday, October 4, 2010

Guest Blogger - Leaf House

Today I'd like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine. Sarah and I have been friends for a DECADE. Yes, it's true. I'm old. She and I have lived far away from each other for a long time, but have managed to stay in touch through email, phone calls and blogging. Imagine how excited I was when Sarah decided to start her own creative blog! I had to share with you guys her talent and love for design. Enjoy!

Sarah and her cutie pie daughter

I am so excited to be visiting here at A Little Knick Knack! Would you believe that Megan and I first met 10 years ago in London? She is one of those people that you meet and right away you want to be friends. So I've done my best to stay in touch even though we live on opposite sides of the US. About a year ago she told me that she wished she could be more crafty. One look at her blog and her over 500 followers and I think we can all say she accomplished that!

I have always been a fan and follower of interior design, and as I spent the last 7 years in transition I had to content myself with filling a binder and my pictures folder full of dreams and inspirations. Now that I am settled with a home of my own it is exciting to finally be able to start creating the home I've always wanted. I started my blog Leaf House as a personal space to store my ideas and to record my own accomplishments, and it is still in its very fledgling stage. But the wonderful and amazing thing about the blog world is that we can inform and inspire each other, so I am happy (and flattered) that Megan asked me to share a few of the things I've done.

With chalkboard paint just about any surface can be converted to a chalkboard: walls, doors, table tops. To make a chalkboard for my girls' playroom I dismantled a mirror - painting the frame, removing the mirror and using the wood backing for my chalkboard.

I have always loved silver accents, and this year I have become taken with silver furniture. Along with mirrored furniture it adds that little element of glam. I picked an old piece I had and turned it into something new.

 I'm know I am not alone when I say that I LOVE the new chevron pattern that is popping up everywhere. To create my own (and much cheaper version), I dyed am inexpensive rug using RIT dye. I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. However, this rug will be getting a face lift when I add a second color. So be sure to come see me in a couple of months for the result!

Thanks so much for having me Meg!

Awesome, right? I hope we can all stop by Sarah's blog, Leaf House, and give her some bloggy love! Thanks for visiting!  
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  1. I love chalkboards and your display looks wonderful, great buffet table

  2. I absolutely love the fall table scape. So creative and beautiful.

  3. I totally love the chevron pattern rug. Wonderful choice. And the table scape is so festive and fun for fall! (:

    Stopping by from Motivate Me Monday

  4. I love the fall tablescape!! It's simple and elegant!

  5. Everything looks soooo great! I love it all!!!

    - Michelle @ Bunch of Craft

  6. I love the side table! Much better color! I awarded you, Megan, the Happy 101 Blog Award! Check it out!

  7. What a great story that you girls have stayed in touch living on opposite sides of the country. While I loved all your projects I am intrigued by the rug, can't wait to see the final results.

  8. Great looking fall display. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  9. great decoration and great decor, i love your little table, its perfect for foyar and the little chairs, with 2 little drawers its just a perfect sitting for two people

  10. I hopped over to Sarah's and said hi. I also joined her following. I remember how excited I would be-when I first started blogging-with the addition of each new follower.

    You're a good friend to plug her blog. ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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