Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chippy paint basket

Ok, I was going to put this in my last post, but it has nothing to do with fall....so it gets a little post of its very own.

My kids destroyed their bathroom. They ripped the TP holder from the vanity. They can't reach the towel holder, so the hand towels always end up on the floor. Pink toothpaste is everywhere.


I decided to start small. I tackled the TP issue first.

In the beginning, I used this little thing I made from an old chair leg.

My son broke it.

Then, I found this basket and thought "what the heck? They can just toss the TP in there and use whatever they need to their hearts content."

But, I didn't like the color. So, I spray painted it white.

Then, I thought...wait....a white basket holding white TP? Not cool. So, I took the rough sandpaper to it.


In the end, it works for our needs.

Next project is to tackle those purple walls. Shudder.....


  1. Yay for spray paint! Your basket looks cute.

  2. Like your basket! and great idea for TP!
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  3. Very cute transformation - isn't it amazing what paint can do to help us out??

  4. The basket is much better in white. Sorry about your chair leg paper holder, maybe when your boys are a bit older you can bring it back? One step at a time, mama, one step at a time. ;0)


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