Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blog Swap with Allison at A Glimpse Inside

Hello! I am so excited to be blog swapping with Meg today!
Meg is so sweet and fabulously talented and I am so happy she wanted to have me over for a "visit" in her world today.

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is also Allison and I am from A Glimpse Inside.
I am an Army wife with a creative side. I LOVE to craft, paint, sew, take photos, decorate, go thrifting and more!

The dear husband, Travis, and I are currently living in KY. We just moved here in May from our first duty station in VA. We won't be here long but we enjoy being close to our home state of TN. He is super supportive and encourages me to create anything that comes to my mind.

But enough about me... I bet you all just want me to get to the good stuff. :)

On my blog, I share pictures and stories of our life along with my crafts, recipes, thrift finds, decor, and more. I started blogging almost a year ago and it has become quite an addiction.
Here are some things you'll find.

We bought these crates at a Flea Market and they are now a table in my husband's "man cave."

On Tuesdays, I share yummy recipes.
This one is AWESOME and a must try- Dalmatian Cupcakes.

I love to share furniture or project transformations. It is always so fun to see what something will turn into when you are finished.

Coffee Table Upcycle

But I mostly share crafts! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to craft! I love to share the tutorials on how to make them too.

"Spooktacular" Subway Art

Fun Fall Garland using toilet paper and paper towel rolls

But today I want to share with you a tutorial on how I added some flower embellishments to a plain t-shirt.
I found these flowers on Little Miss Momma and she used to them to make headbands. I fell in love and wanted to add these to my shirt.

-Two t-shirts- one to cut up, one to use. (I bought the shirts at Michael's, 2 for $5)
-Fabric Scissors
-Fabric pen (optional)
-Rotary cutter (optional)
-Cutting mat

How to:
I pre-washed both shirts that way if they were to strink they would do it before I started the project.

-To begin, cut up the center of your "cut" tshirt.

-Open up the shirt and flatten out one of the new edges you created.

-Take your rotary cutter or scissors and cut a long strip about 2" thick from top to bottom of shirt. Cut off the seams at the ends.

-Fold the long strip multiple times to create 2" squares.

-If you like, you can trace a circle onto your fabric with your fabric pen to cut out.
I just decided to free hand it.

-Separate all the circles.
They don't have to be perfect but if you want to round them out a little, now is the time to do it.

-Cut out about 20-30 circles. These will be the petals.
-Cut one more circle the size you want your flower. The petals attach to this piece.

-Pick up a circle and pinch in the center forming the petal.

-Thread your needle and sew down the pinch section so it stays together.

-If you check out the Little Miss Momma tutorial, she just used hot glue to do this and create her flower as a whole. I decided that I wanted to sew it all together because I was going to sew the flowers onto the shirt and I wasn't sure how hot glue would do in the washer. But if you don't want to sew them to your shirt you can just use the glue.

-All sewed together.

-Sew to the center of large circle you cut for the base.

- Continue attaching the petals placing them close to one another.

-Continue adding the petals until you have the flower size and shape you desire.

-Sew down to shirt. I just hand stitched the back circle to the tshirt.
-If you don't want to sew them down, you could attach a pin to the back of it and create a brooch so the flower is removable.

-I created another flower using a mix of white fabric and my tshirt.

That's it!
Just what it needed!
Perhaps a few more? I haven't decided that yet.

I would absolutely LOVE for you all to come visit me in my neck of the woods and take a glimpse inside my world. Stop by, take a look around, stay awhile and maybe leave a comment or two. Who doesn't love those comments? I know I do!

Thank you Meg for having me over to share this tutorial and blog swapping with me!
You are a fabulous host! :)


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