Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Salvaged Cabinet Door

I have a very good friend named Amy. Amy comes up with amazing and fun ideas and I just love 'em. She is my partner-in-crafting. We like to get together and sand and spray paint the heck out of things.

Last week, she brought over a fun cabinet door re-do. You know I love cabinet door transformations!

Here she is, slaving away at her creative genius. (Sorry, Amy! I had to post it!)

And, here is the product after much thought and spray paint.

Then, (and this happens to all of us, doesn't it?) she got home and decided she was not in love with it. And, if you're not in love with it, then what's the point?

So, she re-vamped it one more time...and it turned out amazing!

And, we worked on this, too...

I can't wait to see what she does with it! (The birds were behind the window when Amy bought this at GW. I think they are not staying. Sorry birds).

Check out her blog, 'Cause Crafts are Contagious, for lots of great sewing and craft ideas!


  1. Thanks for stopping by BeColorful and leaving such a glowing comment. I wanted to return the visit.
    Don't you love having a crafting friend. My hubs definitely doesn't get it, although he is sweet and pretends to care. My girls are my go to's for inspiration and encouragement in this part of my life.

  2. great re-do and re-re-do! :)

    It really turned out great amy!

  3. Meg! How do I add the icons? I would love to join the partied but I think you need to walk me through all of it! I have no idea what you are talking about!


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