Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gift for the Giveaway winner!

I have finished it! It's true! Didn't think it would happen today, but a great friend of mine took some of my kids for a playdate and the other kid took a nap (miracle of miracles)! So, I had some free time.

I started out with a very plain cupboard door I found in the ever-trusty "as-is" section of Ikea. Every time I find a usable door there, I buy it (whether I have a plan for it or not). This one was much to boring for my giveaway winner!

I found this nice trim at Michael's and cut it down to add to the top and bottom with my trusty wood glue. Unfortunately, my clamps weren't big enough so I had to find another method to weigh the wood it??

After it dried, I applied a coat of Rustoleum Ivory in satin.

While that dried, I found a lovely font I liked and then traced it onto the board. Colored it in with my black acrylic paint pen and stood back to admire my work. And nearly fell asleep with boredom. Hmmm....

I decided this one needed to be sanded down and glazed over, too. I don't know why I love the look so much, but I do! I LOVE it.

I dug into my knob stash and found some silver knobs to complete the piece. Except....they didn't look very good. They were all diffferent finishes (shiny, satin...) and one even had white on the front of it. Not good. Time to make it more cohesive...time for some oil-rubbed bronze. Ahhhh....

Much better.

I hope you like it!

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  1. i think this came out great!! looks so simple and yay for getting the time to do it. how did u trace the font onto the board? i dont know why that is such a mystery to me?

  2. Meg it looks awesome!!! Great job on it :)

  3. Nice job!! I love cupboard doors repurposed....and this one looks great. The font is awesome, too! :-)

  4. Okay - this is awesome! I totally love and will never look at cabinet doors the same way again ;)

  5. This looks fantastic! So cute and creative.

  6. meg i'm also your newest follower (-:

  7. I love it! The addition of the glaze and the knobs made it! :) I just made an "est." (what else do you call them? lol) project this week, too! :) I love your ideas, I'm now following you!

  8. That turned out amazing, what a fun project. Thanks for finding my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

  9. I love the way this turned out! everything about it, especially the knobs.
    I too, wonder how you traced the words onto the board. oh yeah, love that little trim!

  10. Beautiful! Following you from Me and My Bucket!

  11. Very very cute Meg! The glaze is the perfect touch!


  12. So much idea well worth sharing with the rest of the world. I linked on my blog today.

  13. So neat! Love it! Can you tell me how you traced the words on the door? Thanks!


  14. This looks great! What is the name of the font you used?

  15. I stumbled on this from a shout out at JOY. I have a pile of cabinet doors that I hoarded, and I'm always looking for a creative way to use them. I'll be making a similar sign for our back door. This looks great, especially the very final product. Great job!

  16. Nice! I have a cabinet door that's waiting to be transformed into something awesome. Maybe this will be it! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Meg,
    This is so cute! I love cabinet doors! Hooray!

    thanks for stopping by,


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