Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Curtains, anyone?

We used to have these lovely vertical blinds in our living room. They were lovely because each blind had fabric attached to it, making it look like a curtain. It was awesome. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer. The blinds were there when we moved in and we considered ourselves lucky we didn't have to mess with window covering on such a huge window.

Until....we had children. The blinds then became a plaything. A hide-and-seek mecca. A place to hide behind and contemplate life's mysteries. Yes, the blinds were used enough to eventually break. And they broke in the worst way. They would only open and shut HALF WAY across the window. Sigh. Such lovely light, blocked from reaching its full potential. Well, something had to be done!

Enter my lovely double discount (thank you, hubby, for working for Target) for Tarjay. I found my curtains on sale (plus discount) and my curtain rod for mere pennies! The tie backs I grabbed from Hobby Lobby for $3/each! Deal!

Love it. And, my humble self is proud to say---I hung those curtains all by myself! Yes I did! I love power tools! RRar! Heh. Sorry. It's late.


  1. Happy Birthday Megan! Have a fantastic day!!!

  2. Those look great! I love the elegant pattern on the tie backs!

  3. There is an excellent chance I have those very same curtains hanging in my dining room - I LOVE Target!!


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