Thursday, August 26, 2010

Calendar Organization

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So....check out these before pics of my little "office" area of the kitchen (we all have one, right?)

Yes, it's pretty pathetic. Sad. Not very organized at all. I have my little "this and that" bin, but it's pretty much stuffed with junk. I'm working on it! Promise. One step at a time.

I saw this idea in my Better Homes & Garden Magazine this month. I even had the exact same calendar! It's fate! Kismet! It was meant to be.

So, I found a frame and used a little hot glue to put some fun paper in it (so I can change it out! For the seasons! Or...the year, since it's an annual calendar).

(I had to keep the current month up there. Now ya'll can see how crazy life is in my little household. And messy. And everyday dirty. And....well, wonderful, really)

What a wonderful way to begin organizing! I love vertical organizing!

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  1. Great idea, I really need to do this to my calender.

  2. I love vertical organizing. If stuff gets into piles I find it hard to locate and know what's there. It makes me crazy. I want to get a nice big calendar like you have - a month at a glance. What brand do you have and where do you pick it up?

  3. I love this idea! I love it so much that I would love if you would come over to and link up to Tuesday Tell All.

  4. I saw that in BHG too, but I haven't copied it yet. Yours looks great!


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